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Games, Inc. is an Americanvideo game development company based in Cary, North Carolina, partially owned by Tencent. Founded in 1. 99. Unreal Engine technology, which has powered its in house Unreal, Gears of War and Infinity Blade series as well as many other games, and has been awarded by Guinness World Records as the most successful video game engine. It is the parent company of game developer Chair Entertainment, and also owns game studios in Seattle, Gerrards Cross, Berlin, Tokyo, and Seoul. Key developers at Epic Games include chairman, CEO and technical director Tim Sweeney, lead programmer Steve Polge and art director Chris Perna. HistoryeditPotomac Computer Systems 1. Epic Games was founded as Potomac Computer Systems in 1. Tim Sweeney in his parents house in Potomac, Maryland. Initially planned to be a computer consulting firm, the company released its first product, ZZT, the same year, which Sweeney worked on while studying mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland. Epic Mega. Games 1. During the latter portion of ZZTs life span, Potomac Computer Systems became Epic Mega. Upcoming Epic Games Games' title='Upcoming Epic Games Games' />Upcoming Epic Games GamesCheck out this list of all upcoming Android video games. Play Hairstyle Games made just for girls New Hairstyle Games are added every week. Play Fight Games made just for girls New Fight Games are added every week. Games and subsequently released numerous popular shareware games, including Overkill, Tyrian, Epic Pinball, Brix, Dare to Dream, Jill of the Jungle, Kiloblaster, Xargon, Solar Winds, Kens Labyrinth, Jazz Jackrabbit, Radix Beyond the Void, and One Must Fall 2. During this time, Epic also published and sold games developed by other developers such as those by Safari Software and also XLands Adventures of Robbo, Heartlight, and Electro Man and Renaissances Zone 6. In 1. 99. 6, Epic Mega. Upcoming Epic Games Games' title='Upcoming Epic Games Games' />Epic Games, Inc. Potomac Computer Systems and later Epic MegaGames, Inc. American video game development company based in Cary, North Carolina. Games produced a shareware isometric shooter called Fire Fight, developed by Polish studio Chaos Works. It was later released commercially by Electronic Arts. A year later, Safari Software was acquired in whole by Epic Mega. Games and some of their titles as well as other pre 1. Epic Classics brand until late 2. In 1. 99. 8, Epic Mega. Games released Unreal, a 3. Dfirst person shooter co developed with Digital Extremes, which expanded into a series of Unreal games. Honeywell Vista 20P Security Kit Installation. The company also began to license the core technology, the Unreal Engine, to other game developers. Epic Games 1. 99. In February 1. 99. IGN reported that the company had changed its name to Epic Games and that it had moved its Rockville office to Cary, North Carolina. Mark Rein, vice president of Epic, explained the decision to move Unreal was first created by developers who were scattered across the world, he said. Eventually, the team came together to finish the game and thats when the real magic started. The move to North Carolina centralizes Epic, bringing all of the companys talented developers under one roof. The follow up game, Unreal Tournament, shipped to critical acclaim the same year. The company launched the Make Something Unreal competition in 2. Unreal game engine. Tripwire Interactive won US8. In 2. 00. 6, Epic released the Xbox 3. Gears of War, which became a commercial success for the company, grossing about 1. A year later, the company released Unreal Tournament 3 for PC and acquired a majority share in People Can Fly. In 2. 00. 8, Epic Games acquired Utah based Chair Entertainment and released Gears of War 2,1. Summer 2. 00. 9 saw the launch of Chair Entertainments Shadow Complex, an adventure game inspired by the Metroid series. The Malcolm statue from the Unreal series at Epic, 2. Epic Games released on September 1, 2. Epic Citadel as a tech demo to demonstrate the Unreal Engine 3 running on Applei. OS, within Adobe Flash Player. Stage. 3D and using HTML5. Web. GL technologies. It was also released for Android on January 2. Epic Games worked on an i. OS game, Infinity Blade,2. December 9, 2. 01. The third game in the series, Gears of War 3, came out in 2. In 2. 01. 1, Epics subsidiary Titan Studios was dissolved. At the 2. 01. 1 Spike Video Game Awards, Epic Games announced their new game Fortnite. In June 2. 01. 2, Epic announced that it is opening up a new studio, Epic Baltimore, made up of members of 3. Studios Big Huge Games. Epic Baltimore was renamed to Impossible Studios in August 2. However, the studio ended up closing its doors in February 2. In June 2. 01. 2, Chinese company Tencent Holdings acquired approximately 4. Epic then issued share capital, equating to 4. EpicĀ  inclusive of both stock and employee stock options, for 3. Tencent Holdings has the right to nominate directors to the board of Epic Games and thus counts as an associate of the Group. A number of high profile staff left the company months after the deal was announced. In October 2. 01. Cliff Bleszinski, then the design director, announced he was leaving Epic Games after 2. His official reason was Its time for a much needed break. Later in December 2. Epic Games president Mike Capps announced his retirement and cited the reasons as the arrival of a baby boy he was having with his wife and his plans to be a stay at home dad. He subsequently announced his departure of his advisory role as well as his affiliation with the company in March 2. The Epic headquarters building in Cary, North Carolina, 2. On January 2. 7, 2. Microsoft acquired the Gears of War IP from Epic Games. The first game since the acquisition, Gears of War 4, was released by The Coalition in October 2. Epic. 3. 3On May 8, 2. Epic Games announced a new Unreal Tournament title. The game will be free, open to modding, and essentially developed alongside fans. In June 2. 01. 5, Epic Games Poland reverted to People Can Fly Sp. Epic Games sold its share in the Polish studio. The Bulletstorm IP was retained by People Can Fly who has since launched a remastered version called Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition on April 7, 2. Gearbox Software. On November 4, 2. Epic Games announced a new third person multiplayer online battle arena game called Paragon. The game was slated for release in 2. Microsoft Windows and Play. Station 4, with playable characters expected to be unveiled gradually throughout November. A month later, Shadow Complex Remastered was launched for free on PC, with console versions being released in early 2. A physical version of the remaster was available for PS4 in August 2. Early 2. 01. 7 saw the release of Robo Recall, the companys first game for virtual reality, on the Oculus Rift. The game received an 8. IGN. 4. 2 On July 2. Fortnite entered paid early access, with a full free to play release expected in 2. TechnologyeditEpic is the proprietor of four successful game engines in the video game industry. Each Unreal Engine has a complete feature set of graphical rendering, sound processing, and physics that can be widely adapted to fit the specific needs of a game developer that does not want to code its own engine from scratch. The four engines Epic has created are the Unreal Engine 1, Unreal Engine 2 including its 2. X releases, Unreal Engine 3, and Unreal Engine 4. LitigationeditOn July 1. Canadian game studio Silicon Knights sued Epic Games for failure to provide a working game engine, causing the Ontario based game developer to experience considerable losses. The suit alleged that Epic Games was sabotaging Unreal Engine 3 licensees.