Planet Serpo Exchange Program

The round things to the south of Johnson Atoll Ive found out since are camera mounts. High ranking military personnel were supposed to have et with ets greys. THE UFO CHRONICLES     On the morning of April the 6th, 1. Australian city of Melbourne was visited by an unknown, or at least unfamiliar, object, or objects. The then outer suburb of Westall was, apparently, a sort of ground zero for the aerial odditys, where it made an approach to the ground, or, actually landed. Much has been made of the Westall UFO incident, and here is not the place to rerun the generally accepted narrative. Others, be they documentary makers, journalists, authors or researchers, have produced many a treatment on the case already. At the core of the event, a large number of school children, from Westall High School, claim to have personally witnessed the airborne episode, and their modern day testimony has been given a considerable quantity of recent exposure. Planet Serpo Exchange Program' title='Planet Serpo Exchange Program' />Planet Serpo Exchange ProgramPlanet Serpo Exchange ProgramPlanet Serpo Exchange ProgramOne aspect of the incident which has been insufficiently explored is that of the staff who worked at the school. Other than science teacher Andrew Greenwood, we have heard very little, either then or now, from the teachers who were there on the day, and caught up in the unusual saga. Recently, I have had an opportunity to exchange communications with a former English and Mathematics teacher who was staffed at Westall High School. A now successful author, Hazel Moir, now Hazel Edwards OAM, offers opinions which are quite different than the general version of high UFOlogical narrative found elsewhere. Simply put, most but certainly not all of what I have personally read about Westall has been reactionary, or, has been presented in tabloid magazines, rushed newspaper articles, short soundbites and so forth. In conversing with Hazel, I not only got to hear from a teacher, but got to formulate my own questions. In the interests of thoroughness, transparency and studying what happened that fateful April day, I present the content of my discussions with that Hazel. What I discovered was most unexpected. After reading a late August 2. Westall UFO case, which mentioned Hazel, I contacted her via social media giant Facebook. Project Serpo is an alleged topsecret exchange program between the United States government and an alien planet called Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli star system. First, Linda Howe and Whitley Strieber discuss Project Serpo, the story that has surfaced about possible human ambassadors to another planet, then Whitley. These initial contacts were on the 2. August, 2. 01. 6. I introduced myself as a UFO case researcher who wished to obtain yet unpublished testimony from persons directly involved with Westall. Following from that, there was no response, and I didnt persue her further. On the 2. 6th of October 2. B6oNLSVnBc20COYNDRu7YXXXL4j3HpexhjNOf_P3YmryPKwJ94QGRtDb3Sbc6KY' alt='Planet Serpo Exchange Program' title='Planet Serpo Exchange Program' />Hazel, who I have established was indeed an English and Mathamatics teacher at Westall High School, replied to my year old message. Her first communication read Dear Paul, I just found your query relating to UFOs and Westall. Ive always maintained that there was no UFO landing at the school that day, where I was an English and Maths teacher. Two other former teachers agree with me. The most interesting development from the whole episode has been the communitys desire to have a common, significant memory. It was a new migrant community and the real story lies in the success which many of these former students have made of their lives. For just a few the supposed UFO was the only thing of significance, but others have created many worthwhile skills and projects. These are the facts, really The supposed site of the landing where the UFO playground is now situated is so far from the back of the original school that students could not have reached it within the break. There was a hyped up atmosphere that day, of the kind that sometimes occurs with students during very windy weather. Mr. Samblebee, the principal, did tend to be authoritarian, but had to retain order in a new and raw school, and was strict on the day. One student rang the TV station mid afternoon on a slow news day and things escalated from there. Ive looked at the supposed witness accounts, and most are built on suppositions. Men in uniform appeared 4. Updated 1262014. Edwin Grays ElectroMagnetic Motor. Ed Grays Radiant Energy Motor An Application of Teslas patented Apparatus for the Utilization of. John Lennon was an English musician who gained worldwide fame as one of the members of the Beatles, for his subsequent solo career, and for his political activism and. Latest trending topics being covered on ZDNet including Reviews, Tech Industry, Security, Hardware, Apple, and Windows. The gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a. ANDROMEDANS The Andromedan Council has ordered all extraterrestrial presences on the planet, in the planet, and on the moon to be completely. Release 29 The Yellow Book and Universe explained 16 June 2008 http UPDATE ANONYMOUS comments on The RED and YELLOW BOOKS. Not logical. Of course, with this, I was somewhat surprised by such a clear, lengthy piece of introductory testimony. With some ado, including the swapping of email addresses, a further appraisal of what I personally study within the UFO field, and a few early vetting enquiries, I drafted out several exploratory questions for her to answer as she saw fit. The first question I posed was merely, What are your general recollections of that days events Hazel replied During the class time that afternoon, the students were hyped up, but few actually reported real evidence of seeing anything. It was gossip built on hearsay. It was the girl student who called the TV news which set a media frenzy in place. Mr Samblebee the principal tried to quieten things down but he wasnt trying to cover up anything, just keep control in a fairly challenging school. Lots of inexperienced staff like me in our first year of teaching. Spss 19 For Mac. The 1. 92. 0 year old Science teacher Andrew was interviewed by media and really liked the experience, so stories grew. Because he was the science teacher, more attention was paid. In later follow ups of the story, I always stated the story was being exaggerated, but my comments were always edited because many felt that the UFO story gave them a connection to media fame. They wanted to be part of a story. Two other teachers Roger Adams and Vivienne Clarke agreed with me. A journalist asked me, What did you do after this momentous event I said I left at 4pm to go to my Monash Uni lecture on politics on the Clayton Campus as I was studying as well as working fulltime. He asked why I didnt stay after school when such a momentous event had occurred. I replied that, It didnt. The flattened grass was part of the area where teenage students messed around between school and the migrant camp. Pwnagetool For Windows 7'>Pwnagetool For Windows 7. The journalist from the Dandenong Journal agreed that he had reported what students and staff said, but he was cynical about the little green men which was the level the story reached very quickly. Emulator For Gba. I did attend a reunion of Westall High decades later, to which I was invited, and several were being interviewed about the UFO on that afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching at Westall and put a lot of effort into my students. I was pleased to see how well some had done. But I was also intrigued by a few of those now adults who wanted the UFO story to be fact because it gave them kudos. My belief is that the real story is the success of a migrant community and their desire for a common history and the reactions to the UFO story is part of that. I also attended the opening of the UFO playground funded by Kingston Council and an excellent playground where one of my former students asked me to keep quiet about my UFO qualms because she stated, Its my only chance to be famous and youre not going to take that away from me. As a professional writer of fiction, I was asked by the documentary maker, not to write about the subject as he wished to do so himself. I think its possible there was some type of flying object which went across the area, but it didnt land. The second question I posed was, When specifically did the alleged Flying Saucer incident come to your attention Hazels reply was Just after lunch. I had an English class who were fairly hyped up. Usually I had a good relationship with my students, but they couldnt settle. Several were talking about something seen from the oval. Only later was the Flying Saucer label used. In the afternoon break, the staff talked amongst themselves, but most comments were hearsay. Students had asked Andrew Greenwood the science teacher to have a look from the oval.