Gt Works 3 Update

Comp Cams Mustang Stage 3 XFI NSR Camshafts 1. GT. Hey, guys, Adam here with americanmuscle. Today, Im bringing you a detailed overview of the Comp Cams Stage 3 XFI NSR Camshafts, available for all 2. Mustang GTs. So, in this video, Ill be going over the sound and performance gains you can expect when adding the Stage 3 Comp Cams Camshafts to your own GT Coyote motor. Ford invited us out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to snag shotgun and go for a ride in the first productionspec 2017 Ford GT. Read more in this feature here. I3sC1dqs/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Gt Works 3 Update' title='Gt Works 3 Update' />Do you own a Galaxy Tab 2 10. GTP5100 Here is a good new for you as Samsung has finally started rolling out the Android 4. Jelly Bean update for this device. Now, of course, with that, Ill be talking about the installation, which Ill tell you upfront gets a full three out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter, will definitely test the toolbox, and take some serious mechanical expertise to get the job done. The Comp Cams Stage 3 XFI NSR Camshafts will be for any 1. GT owner looking to get the highest gain possible from a set of camshafts, like these Comp Cams offer right here. These will be a maximum effort camshaft for those guys out there with the full bolt on Coyote motor looking to really beef it up a bit more. This will be something that you dont need to pick up a bunch of extra parts for, hence the NSR or no springs required title here, and, of course, thatll make for a little bit of an easier install. Ford unveiled the Ford GT 67 Heritage Edition ahead of the Monterey Car Week festivities. In case you thought the regular Ford GT was dowdy and boring its not. Update Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 to Android 2. Gingerbread XWKTQ Firmware with this article. Due to lack in hardware and RAM compatibility, Samsung Galaxy Ace GT. 1 Malaysia Theme Song Minus One there. About us. We are a UK based company who specialise in supplying the latest hardware and software solutions for phone unlocking, flashing, repair and. Now, one of the great things about this particular Stage 3 set is its perfect for either naturally aspirated or force induction Mustangs out there with the Coyote motor, and, again, full bolt ons are definitely required here. Ill talk about that in just a bit. But I also wanna mention its great for street and strip application, so you get the best of both worlds here. Giving you a lot of top end power, this is definitely something out there for the guys who are more concerned about power, less concerned about sound, which is really something that goes along with the Coyote motors. After all, its not really a pushrod, so youre not getting a deep lope with any of these cams available on the market today. So, to further elaborate on what I said just a second ago here, this is something that is going to be perfect for the guys out there with the full bolt on Coyote. Now, what exactly I mean by that is, you know, long tube headers, 3. Phaser Limiter Kit, and really tying it all together along with some other mods. Naruto Shippuden Movie Bonds English Dubbed'>Naruto Shippuden Movie Bonds English Dubbed. You definitely wanna pick up a custom tune to maximize the full potential of everything you got going on. Now, as far as the power adders, its coming in at the top end of the RPM band at the maximum pure 5. RPM range on the power band, something that will perform with the top end power and, again, works perfectly with a lot of other bolt on mods. As far as the pricing is concerned, youll be looking at spending about 1. Now, even though its a no springs required set, the install is not like those old single cam pushrod motors that cost a couple hundred bucks. This one, if taken to a shop, will cost well into the quadruple digit region, which is to be expected, considering how in depth the four valve motor cam swaps are. This is a well worth it price tag for those who are more interested in the power gains that a set of this Comp Cams will provide on top of your full bolt on build. Just to give you an idea of what exactly youre working with here, expect the intake duration at 2. Intake valve lift comes in at 0. Now, of course, you can check out all the specs on the website or the Comp Cams and even the listing in the box when you get the package in the mail. But shifting over to the install, I wanna mention that it does get a full three out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter, something that will take a better portion of a day, mechanical expertise definitely required or at least somebody around you who knows what theyre doing, because it will test the toolbox and require a lot of digging into the engine bay. Now, of course, after the better part of a day, you will get top end power, something extremely noticeable, especially with a custom tune, which, after all, will tie everything neatly together. Well, just to wrap things up here, if youre the owner of an 1. GT and youre looking to pick up some serious top end power as far as gains are concerned, and you really wanna get the maximum effort out of some camshafts, you might wanna check out the Comp Cams Stage 3 XFI NSR Camshafts, available right here at americanmuscle. View Full Transcript.