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The Official MDOP Blog. As you might have noticed we have been posting mostly product announcements to this blog and less technical content. Some of you might be wondering where the more technical info is being posted, so we thought it would be best to take a minute to layout where the MDOP team has been posting. This way youWe are pleased to announce that the beta versions of Microsoft Application Virtualization App V 5. MDOP product Microsoft User Experience Virtualization UE V are now available for download from. Microsoft Connect. UE V is an enterprise scale user state virtualization solution that delivers a users personal Windows experience across devices, is simple for IT to deploy,Today, we are happy to announce that the Da. A large number of our customers also use the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MDOP. MDOP 2015 and more tools are now available http Reply. The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MDOP is a portfolio of technologies available as a subscription for Software Assurance customers. MDOP helps to improve. People need access to applications across devices. Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MDOP can help you deploy and manage customer environments effectively, and. This topic lists the Windows PowerShell modules included with Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MDOP. The modules in the list support automating features of those. You might recall that, at this time last year, we announced the availability of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MDOP 2013 R2, which included the launch of. This is the March 2017 servicing release for Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MDOP. Starting with Windows 10 1607, Microsoft Application Virtualization AppV. RT 8 beta has been released for public download. For more detailed information on this announcement, please read the recent Windows for Your Business Blog and Springboard Series Blog. This is a public beta available to everyone that completes the short questionnaire. We are very excited aboutIf you have been following this blog you know that about five months ago we announced version 2. Crossword Forge Key Generator. Microsoft Asset Inventory Service AIS. This version added a lot of new features and an improved user interface. I am pleased to announce that we are releasing an update to AIS that adds additional featuresI am happy to announce that the MDOP 2. R2 is generally available today and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Volume Licensing website, MSDN and Tech. Net. This version of MDOP includes Microsoft Bit. Locker Administration and Monitoring MBAM which is brand new to MDOP, and updates to the Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolkit Da. RT 7. 0,If you have been following the MDOP blog for a while now, you have noticed that we have had a few beta releases of the Asset Inventory Service. Over these beta releases we got a lot of feedback on the product which has helped get us to today, where we are happy to announce thatJust over a week ago we announced the new version of the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset Da. RT, one of our most popular tools in MDOP. Today Im happy to announce that the Beta has been released for public download. For an overview of the Da. RT 7 Beta release and preview of what features are inI just returned from Las Vegas, where, this morning I attended Brad Andersons keynote address at the Microsoft Management Summit MMS where he announced the beta release of Microsoft Bit. Locker Administration and Monitoring MBAM. It was great to hear the audiences enthusiastic response to the announcement and to see the high level of interest expressed byToday at MMS, we annouced that we will release a new version of the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset Da. Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack brings together a number of valuable utilities that Microsoft has recently acquiredand one that was built internally. Explore. Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MdopMbam VersionDownload Mdop Group Policy TemplatesRT. Lenovo Energy Manager'>Lenovo Energy Manager. Da. RT 7 will be part of MDOP and will be released in Q3 of calendar year 2. Da. RT 7 is the next generation of this popular product that is built to help drive the cost to support WindowsHello, Im Dave Trupkin, Senior Product Manager for App V and MED V, the two Desktop Virtualization products in MDOP. Today is a very special day for everyone on the MDOP team here at Microsoft, and especially those who work on App V and MED V. This morning we announced the general availability of MDOP 2.