Nslu2 Setup

Minix Port Minix Port Diary. Well, its been quite a while since I gave a Minix update. First, the. I finally got around to rewriting the boot loader such. I no longer have to boot Minix from files loaded into my old Magic 1. Nslu2 Setup' title='Nslu2 Setup' />MonitorOS. The new boot loader is quite a bit more flexible it has a. Minix. during the boot process, and most importantly it understands my variant of the. Minix FS and will read the kernel from the target file system. Ive still. Im pretty close to completely retiring my the. OS.   Ill keep the ability to boot it up just for old times. Other than that, theres just been a lot of performance tuning, and the. IRC client, Tom Pittmans Tiny. Basic, the Small C Compiler, and probably some others Ive forgotten about. I also reworked the directory structure a bit in particular putting the games. Ill probably archive this page shortly, and put any updates on the New. Stuff page.   Other than completion of the demand paging implementation. I may, or may not, ever get around to, the Magic 1 Minix port is pretty much done. Nslu2 Setup' title='Nslu2 Setup' />Nslu2 SetupNslu2 SetupOh, and I also plan on posting all of the source code. I just need to. I munged to make sure Im not stepping. The web server is running at an acceptable speed now though Id still like. There were a number of performance issues. First, until I get the new VM rewrite completed, forkexec will continue to be. The standard way of handling httpd servers under Minix is. The fork of tcpd is. Nslu2 Setup' title='Nslu2 Setup' />Fortunately, the author of the code. Enabling that mode helped a bit. Second, I moved the www root into a ram disk. Third, I eliminated a reverse host lookup on incoming ip addresses. Useful for logs and debugging, but not worth the delay for Magic 1. The last  was the costliest problem. The code which reads the. Because request headers are pretty. OS, this. caused a multiple second delay per request. Im going to think about. Im just halting the parse as soon. I see its an HTTPGET URI. Now I need to rework Magic 1s web site. The old u. IP one was nice in. Magic 1. Ill want the same under Minix. Shouldnt be too hard Ive already added. Home automation and home control HA Software source code and links mostly for the home automation devices like Insteon PowerLinc V2, CM11A, CM17 Firecracker. It only takes a few small adjustments in your routine to build up some significant energy savings, and one of the best places to start is with your compute. LEDs. Everyone likes that Those little shiny electronic devices are mounted on any wellmade electronic equipment to indicate at a glance its working status. They. Solved the issue with the FTP and other hangs. Turns out it was a. My previous setup forced a MTU of 5. SLIP connection on the NSLU2. The Minix networking code, however, would. I reconfigured the NSLU2 and all is well. FTP works, as. However, the web server is incredibly slow so slow. I think there must be some sort of timeout happening. It takes 1. Need to investiage this further. Just passed one of the last remaining hurdles for the Minix port Ive. Minix TCPIP stack working. Minix network support. INET server, and its a somewhat large relatively and complex. When I first attempted to build it last year, the code size. Magic 1s 6. 4Kbyte code spaces. At the. I figured that Id have to support code overlays to get it working. However, while getting sc to work I did another round of code generation. Just for kicks, I decided to built INET again to see if it. As it turns out, it didnt. I looked at the INET code a bit closer and realized that a big. Magic 1 doesnt have native ethernet. SLIP.   I spent a couple. INET and found that it was. K bytes of fitting. So, I dug a little deeper. I could live without. Specifically, Minixs. INET has some moderately capable routing support which I would never use. So, I sliced that out and INET fit with room to spare. Amazingly, it also worked on first attempt at least partially. It. I can ping out, create multiple. Ftp is a bit odd I can ftp. Magic 1, but downloading via ftp doesnt work. Also, I still get an. Not sure whats going on there I. As expected, the performance is noticably slower than with Adam Dunkels u. IP. TCPIP stack that I was using. Also, the cannonical Minix web server is. Magic 1.   Ill probably graft u. IPs httpd. with a low level of the Minix stack to get Magic 1 back in the web server. Meanwhile, though, its looking good. Its fun to have. And, at least for the time being. Ive opened up some probably unsafe ports. You can see who is currently. Linux machine dont know if there is a finger for Windows. Talk also works internally on my local network, but rejects conversions from the. If I find a few minutes, Ill change the code to open it up. Anyway, try it out. Previously, telnet sessions were. When you. telnetted into Magic 1, you were really telnetting into the device server, which. Magic 1s console serial port. Now, when you telnet in. SLIP line.   The console port will be attached the a. VT1. 00 terminal that I picked up from e. Bay a while back. I should have. Getting side tracked on hobby projects is part of the fun, I guess. Id. Magic 1, but instead spent. Saturday porting the old sc spreadsheet. This is a text mode. James Gosling of Java fame, but. There is a current version you can install on. Linux these days, but it is much too big to fit on Magic 1. To get it. I had to go all the way back to a set of source files version 2. Usenix group net. It was written in an. C dialect and took a bit of fixing up to work with my ANSII compliant. C compiler.   I also fixed a minor bug along the way and made it work. VT1. 00. terminal. Aircraft Propulsion Systems Technology And Design on this page. However, it works great and it amuses me to no end to have a working. Magic 1.    Its very slow, but it works. Telnet. I found a tutorial file from a later version that is. Try sc usrlibsctutorial. The arrow keys will move you around. Type to enter. It only knows about three functions, suma. I also ran cross a nice version of yahtzee and ported it. Try. Anyway, lots to do at work and around the house, so Im not sure when Ill. Well see. 51. 92. Its been awhile since an update mostly because I havent done too much. Over the weekend, though, I played a bit with the. Small C Compiler. This was an early compiler for a simple subset of C. Dr. Dobbs Journal back in the early 8. I. remembered it while reading about. Steve Chamberlins ongoing homebrew project, and thought it might be a good. Just for kicks, I retargeted it for Magic 1. It generates pretty awful code, but I can see how to significantly improve it. That little effort has kick started my interest in Magic 1. One of the. Magic 1 right now is that it doesnt have a native tool. I have to build all of its software in a cross development. Linux and then copy it over. The problem is that my C compiler, LCC, requires far more memory that. Magic 1s 6. 4K code6. K data model allows. Anyway, the Small C compiler is. Magic 1 as scc.   It generates assembly code, and. C it is written in that subset and can compile. Log onto Magic 1 and try it out. Theres an example file in. Of course, scc is only part of what is needed for a native toolchain. I. Ive decided to write a new macro assembler. Magic 1 that will run natively, as well as a new linker. My current. The new one will be a two pass assembler with support for. I know how to write a macro assembler, so that. The more challenging thing will be to write a. The actual symbol resolution wont be the hard part. Its an. interesting challenge though hope to get to it soon. Using Iom And Visual Basic In Sas Program Development'>Using Iom And Visual Basic In Sas Program Development. Ive been doing quite a bit of fiddling with the project lately but not. Minix port.   The main thing Ive been doing is replacing the. Ubuntu Linux box Id been using as a SLIP bridge for Magic 1 with a very slick. Linksys NSLU2.   The NSLU2, or slug, is sold as a cheap. USB hard drives into network storage. By. itself, that isnt particularly interesting, but a few years ago my brother Jim.