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Things to Stop Saying Unless You Hate Fat People Love. Live. Grow You might have heard the terms fat hate or fatphobia used to describe your words or what sounded to you like the reasonable words of others. Maybe you dont hate fat people. Maybe you arent afraid of fat people. Maybe you arent less likely to hire fat people or otherwise oppress them. BlownAway. ogg High crimes. SpiritBearTheSimonJacksonStory. Simspsons Marge gets a job. SweetCharity. ogg WeddingCrashers. News Corp. is a network of leading companies in the world of diversified media, news, and information services. Torrentz domain names are for sale. Send an offer to contactinventoris. FIRST Lady Dr Grace Mugabe has shot down Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwas claims that he was poisoned, saying he was merely seeking sympathy. She said VP. Maybe you have lots of fat friends. Maybe you are fat yourself. You might still be in the habit of saying things that contribute to the very real abuse of and discrimination against fat people. In case youre a good person who wants to stop doing those things, Ive tried to put together an inventory of ideas that contribute to the oppression of fat people. Some of these are big, some are small, but they all add up to a serious web of stigma that affects the quality of life for fat people. Things to stop doing in conversations unless you want to contribute to the hatred of fat people 1. Stating a specific size, shape, or weight thats less okay. Example Women who are a little bigger are more attractive, but 4. No. Example Its okay to be plus size as long as you dont have fat rolls. Fat acceptance is for all fat people. If you draw a line 4. Acting like a food coach whenever a fat person is eating healthy foods. Example When ordering a salad Good for you Youre making such a healthy choiceHow fucking condescending can you getDirty Love Us Or Hate Us ZipYou dont know anything about that persons regular food choices or why theyve chosen this particular item. Even if you did, how weird is it to make this kind of judgmental comment. Mike Rowe and I discuss what hes doing to make pursuing vocational and trade work cool and viable again, as well as why blue collar jobs are so needed. Upton told The Sun in Britain she wishes for a smaller rack everyday. Dirty Love Us Or Hate Us Zip' title='Dirty Love Us Or Hate Us Zip' />Dirty Love Us Or Hate Us ZipKeep it to yourself It should go without saying that you shouldnt comment on the unhealthy food choices of a fat person, either, like happened to the person in this post. Talking about food in moralistic terms. Example Reader Amanda. LP suggested, The one that bugs me the most is diet talk, or the constant justifying of food choices. I can have this cupcake, I deserve it, I worked out, as if people who dont work out dont deserve tasty treats. Or the No, I was bad for lunch so Im having a salad, as if they have to punish themselves for eating tasty food. Food is lots of things. Dirty Love Us Or Hate Us Zip' title='Dirty Love Us Or Hate Us Zip' />Dirty Love Us Or Hate Us ZipIts comfort, its calories, its communion, its history and tradition, and its fucking yummy. Windows 7 Ultimate Uefi Crack here. Two things that it isnt is GOOD or BAD unless, you know, e coli. And you are not a good or bad person for eating. Casually mentioning Cheetos, donuts, bonbons, or Mc. Donalds in relation to a fat person. Example That guy must own stock in Cheetos, as a way to jokingly say, That guy is fat. Thin people also eat these foods. Gratuitously bringing them up in the context of fat people is making an inappropriate correlation between weight and certain foods. Acting surprised when a fat person is active. Example My friend Kitty said, Sometimes I get a shocked look and someone says, wow, you are a good dancer like for some reason they had thought about me dancing before and decided it was unlikely that I would be able to. Example Shes a really fast runner for her sizeThis kind of shock at fat people being active spans a wide spectrum. At one end, you have assholes leaning out of cars to ridicule fat people who are running or riding bikes. At the other end you have people who think theyre being encouraging with a condescending good for you bestowed upon the exercising person. If it doesnt work for you to just stop being either condescending or an asshole or both, consider this one of the greatest human drives is the drive to fit in. When you call out someone for doing something weird or exceptional, even just by pointing it out, you are very likely to decrease their desire to continue with that activity. Whatever motivation works for you fat people doing things isnt weird, so just shut up. Book Break Want something fantastically ferocious to read How about Hot Heavy Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love Fashion by fat activist and sex educator Virgie Tovar. Read about the lives of fat, fabulous women in their own words as they celebrate the awesomeness of being fat. Writers include activists and artist like April Flores, Alysia Angel, Charlotte Cooper, Jessica Judd, Emily Anderson, Genne Murphy, and Tigress Osborn. Go go dancing, queer dating, urban gardening Its amazing what makes up the fat life when you dont shy away from the idea of fat. Literally anything about dieting, eating less, or exercising more in the context of fatness. You have the whole rest of the world to talk about dieting. When you bring these things up in fat positive conversations You are stealing away the small amount of space we have carved out for ourselves. You are possibly triggering to fat people who are desperately trying to heal their relationships with food. You are probably jumping to conclusions, because you dont have any idea what the eating and exercise habits are of the fat people in question. And youre boring. There is nothing you can say about food and exercise that fat people havent heard over and over and over again. Compulsively interjecting health into any conversation about fatness. It has become nearly impossible to talk about fatness without talking about health, because theres always someone on hand to bring it up. But as difficult as it may be, its important to separate these two ideas. Fatness is a body type. Its a shape or a size. Thats IT. Weve all heard that fat people are at increased risk for certain diseases diabetes is the popular one to joke about, and then our moral panic has taken that association and run with it. People with pale skin are at increased risk for skin cancer, but skin cancer isnt casually tossed into conversations about them. There is simply no reason to bring up health every time the topic of fatness comes up. Equating fat with health. Example I dont understand this fat acceptance. Just because some people are fat and okay with it doesnt mean we shouldnt be encouraging people to improve their health. Example My mom has diabetes, doesnt exercise, doesnt eat healthy, and isnt happy at her weight. Im concerned about her health, so how can I be fat acceptingExample A recent cover of People magazine showed Jennie Garth and stated, How I lost 3. The 9. 02. 10 star opens up about getting healthy. See whats happening there Fat and health are two different things. You can be fat and healthy. You can be thin and unhealthy. You can be signing the praises of fat from the rooftops AND ALSO be promoting healthy lifestyle choices. You can get healthy, but it wont lead to weight loss for most people. Weight and health are simply two different topics entirely. Book Break Want to read something just as mad about the obeeeeesity epidemic as I am The Obesity Myth from Paul Campos bring you such biting commentary as From the perspective of a profit maximizing medical and pharmaceutical industry, then, the ideal disease would be one that never killed those who suffered from it, that could not be treated effectively, and that doctors and their patients would nevertheless insist on treating anyway. Luckily for it, the American health care industry has discovered or rather invented just such a disease. Its called obesity. Equating fat with anything other than fat. Example In the previous example with the Jennie Garth magazine cover, How I lost 3. And got my life back. Example An interactive graph at Scientific American is on a page titled Bad Health Habits are on the Rise.