Waves Q10 Paragraphic Eq

Maxx. Audio maxx. Whether theyre creating sound for films, music or games, todays top engineers share the same goals To arouse our emotions, to tell a great story, and to deliver an experience that transcends the limits of our imaginations. Creating rich, complex soundscapes that combine power with detail requires ideal listening environments and specialized tools. Thats why the pros turn to Waves, recipient of a Technical GRAMMY award for its contributions to the recording industry. But a song, movie or game can sound only as good as the device its played back on. More and more people listen to content on laptops, tablets and phones, and music engineers are discovering that what people experience is far from what it sounds like in the studio. Maxx. Audio is a suite of advanced audio enhancement tools from Waves that brings award winning technologies to consumer electronics devices. Maxx. Audio offers end users unparalleled sound performance, whether theyre playing a game, watching a movie, listening to music, or using online voice communication. With clearer highs, enhanced bass, and increased volume, Maxx. Audio provides a better listening experience on any device, whether its a PC, TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Now, what sounded great in the studio will sound great on the go. Maxx. Audio is also a powerful design tool that gives manufacturers the ability to get bigger sound from smaller components. Top audio performance is a major selling point today, and Maxx. Audio gives your product the sonic edge. Waves Q10 Paragraphic Eq' title='Waves Q10 Paragraphic Eq' />Maxx. EQ Full Spectrum Equalization A full spectrum 1. Maxx. EQ graphic equalization is perfect for all types of content, from streaming media and movies to music and games. With Maxx. EQ, its never been easier to customize your sound, frequency by frequency. Inspired by Waves pro audio Renaissance EQ and Waves Q1. TEC Hall of Fame inductee, Maxx. EQ gives you the power to design EQ curves and shape your frequency response with accuracy and ease, using up to 1. Q parameters. Just like its professional counterparts, Maxx. EQs intuitive paragraphic user interface makes click and drag filter design quick and simple for developers and end users alike. Maxx. Bass Psycho Acoustic Bass Enhancement. Maxx. Bass patented bass enhancement uses the science of psycho acoustics to deliver deep, thundering lows you can really feel. Whether youre listening on a laptop or watching TV, Maxx. Bass delivers the low frequency impact that makes the music come alive. In fact, Maxx. Bass acts as a virtual subwoofer, enabling manufacturers to create devices with ever smaller speaker components, while maintaining and even extending low end performance. Based on the same Waves Maxx. Bass professional audio technology used in recording studios and post production facilities, the next generation Maxx. Bass for consumer electronics features parallel Maxx. Bass processes that work in tandem, delivering more low frequency detail with less low mid range noise. This results in a significantly more realistic bass feeling, as it continuously takes into consideration the capabilities of the reproduction system, and adjusts its output accordingly. From essentials like the Q10, Linear Phase, and Renaissance EQs, to analog models such as SSL, API, Scheps 73 and REDD and hybrid plugins such as HEQ, Waves offers a. Multiband paragraphic EQ with 10 bands of precision equalization for mixing and mastering a goto tool for both surgical repair and gentle coloring. Waveswaves9. MaxxAudio is a suite of advanced audio enhancement tools from Waves that brings awardwinning technologies to consumer electronic devices. A roundup of some of our alltime favourite Waves plugins. The essential plugins for every producers collection, the list includes some of the most distinctive. Logic Pro Expert offers Logic Pro X tutorials, tips and tricks for Apples Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X music production software. With years of experience delivering clean, articulate bass for music production, mixing, mastering and live sound using its patented Missing Fundamental technology, Waves is the undisputed leader in psycho acoustic bass enhancement. Maxx. Bass low frequency extension algorithm offers the same precision as Waves professional audio tools, so developers can create presets perfectly suited for their products and their end users needs. Maxx. TrebleCrystal Clear High Frequencies. When it comes to small speaker systems especially those without separate tweeters oftentimes high frequency detail gets lost in translation, resulting in lackluster, inarticulate sound, while other sometimes less than pleasant mid high frequencies are boosted to over compensate for the missing sonic information. Ps4 Emulator For Pc No Survey there. Maxx. Treble brings back those missing highs, and restores luster to compressed formats like mp. TV sound, using an ingenious proprietary process. Video Codec Mac. Maxx. Treble high frequency enhancement lets you hear every nuance of your music and movies, with crisp, breathtaking detail and unparalleled clarity. Based on the acclaimed professional Waves C1 CompressorExpander, Maxx. Treble applies a powerful, customizable combination of equalization and parallel high level compression to the selected frequency range between 5. Hz and 2. 0 k. Hz. The end result is a crystal clear sound experience, so you can reach those highest highs, with increased RMS levels that dont exceed your system ceiling. Maxx. StereoMulti Dimensional Spatial Imaging. When stereo sound first hit the scene over half a century ago, people were amazed Different instruments, different voices coming from separate speakers simultaneouslyAmazing Of course, today we have home entertainment systems with 5. But when its time to listen to music or watch a movie on a laptop or TV, theres simply not enough physical space to accommodate the stereo content emanating from two small speakers. Maxx. Stereo, inspired by Waves S1 Stereo Imager professional audio plugin, compensates for the physical limitations created by small speakers located in close proximity to one another. A unique and powerful tool that uses psycho acoustic spatial imaging techniques to enhance and alter stereo separation, Maxx. Stereo widens the stereo field for optimal performance, to provide an immersive, enveloping experience. Making any device sound much larger than it actually is, Maxx. Stereo extends the span of stereo side content while maintaining the integrity of unprocessed center content. With Maxx. Stereo, you get the best seat in the house, every time. Maxx. DialogIntuitive Dialog Booster. Many films on television and DVD are distributed with no consideration for the smaller dynamic range of home playback equipment. Films mixed for cinema exhibition are optimized for a playback level of 8. B, which is much louder than most consumer listening environments. Normal home playback levels and smaller loudspeakers often result in a feeling that dialogue is too quiet, while music and sound effects are annoyingly loud. Maxx. Dialog identifies center mono information and allows the end user to adjust its level independently, resulting in clear, crisp dialog that doesnt vanish behind loud music and effects. Maxx. Dialog lets you adjust dialog levels in movies and games, relative to the music, backgrounds and special effects, so you can bring the dialog up front and center where you want it. Using patented Waves technology, Maxx. Dialog ensures that pivotal dialogue information is not lost behind loud music and effects. Based on the Waves Center pro audio plug in, Maxx. Dialog used by top audio engineers around the world to zero in on a songs phantom center and raise or lower vocals without affecting the rest of a mix. Maxx. Dialog offers developers a simplified interface that facilitates integration into consumer devices. With Maxx. Dialog patented center channel detection, its easy to provide end users with loud, clear, and intelligible dialog in home listening environments, for the perfect listening experience. Maxx. Volume All in One Dynamics Conditioning. Inspired by the Waves pro audio plugin of the same name, Maxx.