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Toyota Engine Serial Number Decoder' title='Toyota Engine Serial Number Decoder' />VIN Number Decoder, What Those 1. VIN Digits Mean, EZ Decoding. Use these free and easy, but very thorough, VIN number decoder tools to decode most any vehicles identification number. If youd like to know how many public records exist for your current vehicle andor a vehicle you are considering buying, then. Free VIN Decoder Check VIN Number VIN Lookup For Decoding Your Lexus Car History Auto Vehicle Identification Number. Look up vehicle identification. Check out this data plate decoder tech article for 1964 to 1969 Mustangs. CJ Pony Parts has all the parts and accessories you need for your Mustang. READ Free Light And Shoot 50 Fashion Photos Book Light And Shoot 50 Fashion Photos PDF Download PDF Light And Shoot 50 Fashion Photos Book without any digging. Get a VIN Check See the basic information about your vehicle and how many records we have. Enter your VIN to get started Here is a really cool VIN number decoder tool to quickly find most all the information referenced above and below about a specific vehicle. Free VIN Number Decoder tool. What. Is A VINVIN is an abbreviation for Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 1. 7 digit alphanumeric serial number that is assigned to a vehicle in order to identify it. WFzdGVyfGltYWdlc3w3MjE4MnxpbWFnZS9qcGVnfGltYWdlcy9oMmYvaGI0Lzg3OTcyNjY0NzcwODYuanBnfGE3NmExODMzODRlZmVkYThlNDFlMTI1MDUxM2RjZmRjYjAxMTBjZTYwMjVlMTc2NTU4OWRiNzI0MzE4N2FlY2U' alt='Toyota Engine Serial Number Decoder' title='Toyota Engine Serial Number Decoder' />The standard VIN in use today, was originally issued back in 1. International Organization for Standardization. I wont spend a lot of time on the history of the VIN its not that interesting, in fact its boring, but just know that if you are looking for information on a 1. VIN number decoder information above and below will be relevant. Where The. VIN Can Be Found. In order to decode a VIN, or to use the automatic VIN number decoder, youll have to know where to find it. Here are the most common and easiest places to find the VIN The drivers side door sticker on the side of doorThe drivers side dashboard towards the front of the vehicle, easiest seen from outside looking through the windshieldOn your insurance card. On any contracts you may have for the vehicle Bill of sale, etc. VINBreakdown. First off, Id like to say that in order to use the VIN number decoder correctly, its important to note that there are no letters I, O or Q used in a VIN. If it looks like an I, its the number 1. If it looks like an O, its the number 0. And if it looks like a Q, then take another look. Im going to use a truck off of my lot as a real life example for decoding a VIN number. Sample VIN 1. GCHK2. E2. 29. 24. 1Now lets break that down into 6 different groups 1. GC   HK2. 91   0    2   E   2. World. Manufacturers Index WMIThe first group will consist of the first three digits, in this case 1. GC. 1 The first digit represents the country of origin. The most common are 1 or 4 USA2 Canada. Mexico. J Japan. K Korea. E England. W Germany. Z Italy. So the truck in the example was built in the USA. The second digit G in this case represents the manufacturer code. These are as follows A Audi. B BMW4 Buick. Cadillac. Chevrolet. C Chrysler. BD Dodge. F Ford. GM Canada. G General Motors. H Honda. A Jaguar yes the same as audiL Lincoln. D Mercedes Benz. M Mercury. N Nissan. Oldsmobile. Pontiac. P Plymouth. Saturn. T Toyota. V Volkswagen. V Volvo. So in the VIN number decoder exercise above weve discovered that the vehicle is a USA manufactured GMC. The third digit C in this case will show the division within the manufacturer or the vehicle type. Using GMC as an example 1 Chevy car. C Chevy truck. N Chevy SUVFord for example would be A Ford car. D Ford F3. 50. M Ford SUVT Ford F1. F2. 50. For brevitys sake Ill keep the third VIN digit definition to these two manufacturers. So far we now know, thanks to the VIN number decoder, that we are looking at a USA made, GMC, Chevrolet truck. VINDescriptors. The VIN descriptors are the second group of numbers and these are the fourth to the eighth VIN digits. Using the VIN number above wed be working with H K 2 9 1. The fourth VIN digit H will describe the weight andor horsepower. The fifth VIN digit K will describe the vehicles platform, i. This fifth digit can also describe whether the vehicle is a 4x. For Chevy 2wd equals a C and 4x. K. The sixth VIN digit 2 will describe more specifically the model type, i. Expedition, Trailblazer, Durango, etc. The seventh VIN digit 9 will describe the body type, i. The eighth VIN digit 1 will describe engine information a little more in depth, like number of cylinders, number of liters, diesel or gas, etc. These VIN digits can also describe whether the vehicle is a manual, automatic and even trim level F1. XL, XLT, FX4, Lariat, etc. So far the VIN number decoder has told us that we are looking at a USA made, GMC, Chevrolet truck, 2. LS with a diesel engine. The. Check Digit. Trust me, it starts to get easier to follow along from this point on. The next three VIN digits are consistent among all manufacturers and pretty straightforward. The ninth VIN digit exists to tell computers when there has a been an operator error, type of input, when entering a VIN. Errors happen often with alphanumeric VINs and this number has saved my rear end a few times. Its sort of a complicated mathematical computation to figure the check digit and Im no Einstein, so please just know it keeps mistakes in check. Thats it for the check digit. Told you this would get easier. The. Model Year. VIN digit number ten is by far the most referenced, in the car business, for quick age verification of a vehicle. This one is pretty easy, but just in case you like to read Ive included a handy dandy little reference chart. In our example VIN the tenth digit is a 2, meaning that the truck we are working with is a model year 2. To recap what weve found so far with the VIN number decoder USA made, GMC, Chevrolet truck, 2. LS with a diesel engine and is a 2. Code. Year. Code. Year. Code. Year. Code. Year. A 1. L 1. 99. 0Y 2. A 2. B 1. M 1. 99. 11 2. B 2. 01. 1C 1. N 1. C 2. 01. 2D 1. P 1. Car Ecu Testing Tool'>Car Ecu Testing Tool. D 2. 01. 3E 1. R 1. E 2. 01. 4F 1. S 1. F 2. 01. 5G 1. T 1. G 2. 01. 6H 1. V 1. H 2. 01. 7J 1. W 1. J 2. 01. 8K 1. X 1. K 2. 01. 9The. Plant Code. VIN digit number eleven is just as easy and probably wont be of too much concern to most people. This digit simply shows what plant the vehicle was assembled at. So in our VIN number decoding example the vehicle was assembled in Pontiac Michigan, based on E being the eleventh digit. Sequence. Production Numbers. The last six VIN digits are the sequence production numbers. Youll see this abbreviated in the VIN number decoder as SP No. These numbers give the vehicle its identity. Simply put there may be many vehicles produced in a single year, by a single manufacturer, that share the same eleven digits of a VIN, but none will share those first eleven and the last six. Buddy Rich Discography Torrent. Well, thats it for the VIN number decoder. If youve made it all the way through this page, then give yourself a pat on the back, because not only do you know what those 1. VIN digits mean, but you can now declare yourself a VIN decoding expert. Back To Top. Return from VIN Number Decoder to more Car Buying Tips. Return to Insider Car Buying Tips home.