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The Story of Oak Island. The Discovery. One summer day in 1. Daniel Mc. Ginnis, then a teenager, was wandering. Oak Island, Nova Scotia see. Geography when he came across a curious circular depression. Standing over this depression was a tree whose branches. Having. heard tales of pirates in the area he decided to return home to get friends. Over the next several days Mc. Ginnis, along with friends John Smith and. Anthony Vaughan, worked the hole. What they found astonished them. Beachgoers were left stunned when a mysterious creature washed up in the surf. The enigmatic seabeast was found in the shallows off Maasin City, on the island of. Two. feet below the surface they came across of layer of flagstones covering. At 1. 0 feet down they ran into a layer of oak logs spanning the. Again at 2. 0 feet and 3. Not being able to continue alone from here, they went home, but with. Return Mysterious Island' title='Return Mysterious Island' />The Discovery. One summer day in 1795 Daniel McGinnis, then a teenager, was wandering about Oak Island, Nova Scotia see Geography when he came across a curious. Return Mysterious Island' title='Return Mysterious Island' />It took the three discoverers 8 years, but they did return. Along with. The Onslow Company, formed for the purpose of the search, they began digging. They quickly got back to 3. They continued down to 9. Besides the boards, at 4. At 9. 0 feet one of the most puzzling clues was found a stone inscribed. As one of the oldest summer resort towns on the East Coast, Pawleys Island, SC is home to antebellum attractions, historic homes, and of course ghosts. However. Return Mysterious IslandNote For more information about the stone inscription. After pulling up the layer of oak at 9. By the next day the pit was filled with water. Pumping didnt work, so the next year a new pit. From there a tunnel. The Money Pit. Again the water flooded in and the search. The Booby Trap. As it turns out, an ingenious booby trap had been sprung. The Onslow. Company had inadvertently unplugged a 5. Smiths Cove by the pits designers. As quickly. as the water could be pumped out it was refilled by the sea. This discovery however is only a small part of the intricate plan by. In 1. 84. 9 the next company to attempt to extract the treasure, The Truro. Company, was founded and the search began again. They quickly dug down. Deciding to try to figure out what was buried. Truro switched to drilling core samples. The drilling produced some encouraging results. First Hints of Treasure. At 9. 8 feet the drill went through a spruce platform. Then it encountered. Next 8 inches of oak, another 2. The conclusion was that they. Upon pulling out. I/51GF6CJ7Q3L.jpg' alt='Return Mysterious Island' title='Return Mysterious Island' />One account of the drilling also mentions that three small gold links. Unfortunately no one knows where they. Interestingly, the earth encountered beneath the bottom spruce platform. A later group. of searchers would find out how much deeper. The Truro Company returned in 1. Money Pit. Just like before, as they tunneled. They brought in pumps to try to get rid of. During the pumping. Smiths Cove during low tide there was water coming. Pressreleases/RTMI2/RTMI2%202009-02-17%2015-13-30-22.jpg' alt='Return Mysterious Island' title='Return Mysterious Island' />OUT of the beach. This find lead to an amazing discovery the beach was artificial. Artificial Beach. It turns out that the pit designers had created a drain system, spread. Each finger was a channel dug into the clay under the beach and lined by. The channels were then filled with beach rocks, covered with several. The effect of this filtering system was that the channels remained. The fingers met at a point inland where they fed sea water into a sloping. Money Pit some 5. Later. investigations showed this underground channel to have been 4 feet wide. Money Pit between the. To the Truro Company, the answer was now simple just block off the. Their first attempt. Smiths Cove, drain the water. Unfortunately a storm blew up and. An interesting note the remains of an older dam were found when building. The next plan was to dig a pit 1. This scheme too failed. And this was the last attempt by the. Truro company to uncover the secrets of Oak Island. The Pits Collapse. The next attempt at securing the treasure was made in 1. Oak. Island Association. First they cleared out the Money Pit down to 8. Then they ran a new hole to the east of the pit hoping to intercept the. The new shaft was dug out to. A second shaft was run, this one to west, down to 1. They then. attempted to tunnel over to the Money Pit. Again the water started to enter. Money Pit. Bailing was attempted and appeared to. And then CRASH The bottom fell out. Water rushed into the shafts and the bottom of. Money Pit dropped over 1. Everything in the Money Pit had fallen. The big questions were why and how farOver the next several years different companies tried to crack the mystery. They dug more shafts, tried to fill in the drain on the. They met with little success. The Cave in Pit. In 1. Fred Blair along with a group called The Oak Island. Treasure Company began their search. Their first task was to investigate. Cave in Pit. Discovered in 1. Money Pit, the cave in pit appears to have been a shaft dug out by. Money Pit perhaps as a ventilation shaft for the digging. It apparently intersected or closely passed the flood. While it was being cleared by the Treasure Company it started to. Over the next several years The Oak Island Treasure Company would dig. In 1. 89. 7 they did manage. Money Pit down to 1. However. the water worked its way through again and filled the pit. The treasure company then decided that they would attempt to seal off. The Sims 2 Gratis Em Portugues Para Pc. Smiths Cove by dynamiting the flood tunnel. Five. charges were set off in holes drilled near the flood tunnel. They didnt. work. The water flowed into the Money Pit as rapidly as ever. At the same time a new set of core samples were drilled at the pit itself. The results were surprising. Cement Vault. At 1. This material is probably. Pit. On other drillings. Between 1. 30 and 1. This clay can be used. Pit. The major find was in the gap between the putty layers. A cement vault. was discovered. The vault itself was 7 feet high with 7 inch thick walls. Inside the vault the drill first struck wood, then a void several inches. Next a layer of soft metal was reached. When the drill was brought back up another twist was added to the whole. Attached to the auger was a small piece of sheepskin parchment. What. the parchment is a part of is still in question. More convinced than ever that a great treasure was beneath the island. The Treasure Company began sinking more shafts in the attempts to get to. They all met with failure due to flooding. Flood Tunnel. In May of 1. There was. a second flood tunnel This one was located in the South Shore Cove. The. designers had been more ingenious and had done more work than previously. Though this find certainly strengthened the case that something. Blair and The Oak Island Treasure Company continued to sink new shafts. Between 1. 90. 0 and 1. All met with no success. Stone Fragment. In 1. Gilbert Hadden, in conjunction with Fred Blair, began a new. Hadden cleared some of the earlier shafts. Pit and made plans for exploratory drilling the next summer. However. he made two discoveries away from the Pit. The. first was a fragment of a stone bearing inscriptions similar to those found. Money Pit. The second discovery was of several old timbers in Smiths Cove. These. timbers seem to have been from the original designers due to the fact that. As will be seen later. Mystery Deepens. The next treasure hunter was Erwin Hamilton. He began his search in. In 1. 93. 9 during drilling two more discoveries were made. The first was the. According to Hamilton they were. The second finding came. At this point a layer. The drilling brought. Apparently there was wood BELOW the natural limestone. Tragedy Strikes. In 1. Bob Restall and his family began their attack on the island. His one discovery was made on the Smiths Cove beach while attempting. He found a rock with 1. Though others believed it was prank left by a previous search team. Restall believed it was from the time of the original construction. In 1. 96. 5 tragedy struck. While excavating a shaft Bob passed out and. Return to Mysterious Island PC1. Shares. Share. Share. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Pc Torrent Crack Files. Share. Email. 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