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Wraith Squadron Wookieepedia FANDOM powered by Wikia. Wraith SquadronPretty. What do we blow up firstWraith Squadron motto, first coined by Myn DonossrcWraith Squadron, originally dubbed Gray Squadron, and also known as the Wraiths, was a hybrid New Republicstarfightercommandounit developed in 7. JkfMK1jU.jpg' alt='Red Ace Squadron Activation Code' title='Red Ace Squadron Activation Code' />Red Ace Squadron Activation CodeOffer available to existing Prime members. Prime activation code sent within 21 days Terms and conditions apply. Lukas, an artiststudent in the Bay Area, decided to make a custom tshirt whose design consists entirely of screengrabs of two hundred tender souls arguing over. ABY by Wedge Antilles. The original Wraith Squadron was largely made up of wash outs and misfits, which gave the unit a number of psychologically and emotionally unstable pilots, albeit experienced members of the military with useful commando skills. The Wraiths were designed to fulfill the mission responsibilities of both a traditional starfighter squadron and a commando unita revolutionary concept in tactics for the New Republic, and one that its founder felt was an essential development for the New Republic. The Wraiths first saw action against Admiral. Apwar Trigit, which resulted in the destruction of the Imperial class Star Destroyer. Implacable and the death of Trigit following a prolonged campaign that started with the Wraiths seizure of the modified Corellian corvette. Night Caller. Following Trigits demise in the Battle of Ession, they continued to mount a number of often unorthodox covert operations against Warlord. Zsinj. At one point, members of Wraith Squadron posed as a pirate group in an attempt to become employed by Zsinj. They were successful in that aim, which allowed them to assist in the destruction of the Executor class Star Dreadnought. Razors Kiss. During this time, Garik Loran assumed command of Wraith Squadron from Wedge Antilles. Robin Olds July 14, 1922 June 14, 2007 was an American fighter pilot and general officer in the U. S. Air Force. He was a triple ace, with a combined total of. Corran Horn was a Forcesensitive Human male Corellian pilot who served as a Corellian Security Force investigator, a Rogue Squadron ace and New Republic hero, and. History World War II. The 71st Fighter Training Squadron was founded in December 1940 as the 71st Pursuit Squadron Interceptor. Initial activation to the 1st. VKSGZf5mQbg/WNkz4cnGjGI/AAAAAAAAAPY/OejE5Y1wNKcqN8lR_5fJDmFdySmpIbZHgCPcB/s1600/champion.png' alt='Red Ace Squadron Activation Code' title='Red Ace Squadron Activation Code' />Red Ace Squadron Activation CodeRed Ace Squadron Activation CodeAfterward, they returned to more normal fleet service in a lengthy campaign against Zsinj, culminating in the Battle of Selaggis, an engagement made possible by a double agent from Wraith Squadron who was stationed aboard Zsinjs flagship, the Iron Fist. At Selaggis, the Wraiths helped scatter Zsinjs forces, believing they had destroyed the Iron Fist and largely defeated Zsinj himself. Their success was such that the unit was then moved from Starfighter Command to the New Republic Intelligence Service, undertaking missions such as the elimination of Imperial admiral Kosh Teradoc in 1. ABY. Wraith Squadron continued to play a vital, if unique role in the military into the Yuuzhan Vong War, during which its members jammedyammosk war coordinators, flew covert missions behind enemy lines, crafted a psychological campaign by helping Jaina Solo impersonate a Yuuzhan Vongdeity, and infiltrated. Coruscant. After the New Republic government transitioned into the Galactic Alliance, the Wraiths served the reformed government through the Swarm War. Following the Second Galactic Civil War, the Wraiths were viewed with suspicion by the new Daala administration and disbanded. However, Daalas ousting in 4. ABY by the Jedi Order gave the Wraiths a new chance at life when former commander Garik Loran was asked by the head of Galactic Alliance Security, Borath Maddeus, to investigate the chief of the Galactic Alliance Army, General. Stavin Thaal, for treason. Loran unofficially assembled two Wraith Squadron teams led by unit veterans, one under Bhindi Drayson and another under Sharr Latt, and kept them isolated from each other. The two units separately discovered evidence of Thaals duplicity while Loran was also able to implicate Maddeus as a co conspirator with Thaal. Following Thaals and Maddeuss exposure, Loran was promoted to head of Galactic Alliance Security and unofficially reinstated Wraith Squadron. Conception and training. Edit. Initial proposal. EditYoure going to form a new squadron Just like that Wave your hand and it appearsWell, I thought Id tell High Command so theyll know what they need to give me. Wes Janson and Wedge AntillessrcFollowing the conclusion of the Bacta War, wherein Rogue Squadron had undertaken an independent guerrilla war to overthrow Imperial. Intelligence Director. Ysanne Isards regime on the world of Thyferra, Commander. Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron returned to the galacticcapital. Coruscant and New Republic Defense Force service, with each member of the squadron reinstated to their former positions. However, Antilless experiences in both the liberation of Coruscant and the Battle of Thyferra had impressed upon him the need of a new starfighter unit with different tactics. In a meeting with Admiral. Gial Ackbar scheduled by Antilles, the veteran starfighter pilot outlined his idea for a new type of unit a squadron that would be equally adept at commando type missions on the ground as well as starfighter missions in space. Antilles wanted the pilots in the new unit to have a full range of intrusion and subversion skills, as well as the equipment needed to pull off planetside missions rather than having to call in another unit to deal with a problem on the ground. Antilles also hoped that the commandopilot squadron would formulate new tactics and methods for conducting military operations, providing what he saw as a necessary tactical innovation for the New Republic military. Wedge Antilles, founder of Wraith Squadron. An ersatz Rogue Squadron had been formed for public relations purposes, complete with their own X wing fighters, but Ackbar planned on disbanding the unit and returning the pilots and fighters to their prior assignments, since the returning Rogues had their own craft already. However, Antilles told Ackbar that his Rogues would be happy to sign their personal starfighters, which they had used as private property during the Bacta War, back over to the New Republic only if the next dozen fighters sent to the military were issued to his new unit. Ackbar was less than thrilled with that idea, citing personnel expenses, but in turn, Antilles told Ackbar that he wanted experienced pilots with a wide variety of skills, but also he wanted pilots that no one else wanted. Antilles sought to recruit pilots that few other commanders would want, pilots known for causing trouble or making grave mistakes. Ackbar was incredulous and noted that Antilles was more likely to be killed by malcontent pilots than form an effective unit. Antilles was willing to face that risk, though, stating that Rogue Squadrons executive officer, Captain. Tycho Celchu was qualified to lead the Rogues in his absence. Att Aircard Software more. Unable to find another way to derail the persistent X wing pilot, Ackbar granted Antilless request on the condition that ifin Ackbars sole evaluationthe unit had not proved its worth, Antilles would accept a promotion to general and join Ackbars staff. As Antilles detested the notion of ever serving a staff job, that was a significant career decision. However, he was committed to the idea of a new commandopilot unit and accepted Ackbars challenge. With Ackbars approval, Antilles took another Rogue Squadron veteran, Lieutenant. Wes Janson, as his executive officer and set about making plans to form his new squadron. Departing from Ackbars flagship, Home One, with Janson, he set out for Folor Base on the Commenorianmoon of Folor, where the new unit would train. Before they left Home One, Janson was assigned the task of finding pilot candidates and seeing if they were open to permanent assignment to a new squadron those that agreed would be sent to the base without being informed of their destination.