Program To Convert C To Mips

Conversion from C to MIPS Assembly Software Development. Hey everyone. Ive been getting my rear end kicked by this homework assignment. We were given the task of writing up a command line version of Othello Reversi in a higher level language, which I chose C to do so in. My C version of the code is working great, however, I cant seem to get off the ground in MIPS. I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to convert the C code to MIPS. Im currently on a Windows box, using Bloodshed IDE for my C code, but I also picked up Microsoft Visual C 2. High School Advantage. Express Edition today to give it a try and see if there was something in there to help convert the code. Ive also got access to some Fedora Core 7 computers in the computer lab, with a lot of different things on there. Any help would be appreciated. Disassembly+is+simple+and+starts+by+decoding+opcode+field..jpg' alt='Program To Convert C To Mips' title='Program To Convert C To Mips' />C Convert To F DegreesProgram To Convert C To MipsIve also put a copy of this in the C forum, hopefully this is ok. Interactive first course in assembly language programming using the MIPS32 processor and. Chapter 9 A Simple SPIM Program. Appendix C MIPS Assembly. Convert the following C program to MIPS program. Assuming that i, j, k, f, are stored in registers s0, s1, s2, s3 already. Now to convert this, heres what I got. DfaG.png' alt='Convert C To Nc' title='Convert C To Nc' />C To C ConverterProgram To Convert C To MipsCan someone help me convert the following MIPS code back to C Convert MIPS assembly code to C How do I approach this CTF Debugging Program This is part of a program I have been working on and having trouble writing this lookup function part of the code. Here is the code in C but am having trouble.