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To be eligible to receive GMAT scores, an institution must be a degreegranting institution that offers graduatelevel programs in business and management. As an industryfocused managed services company, Xceedance partners with insurers, reinsurers, brokers and MGAsMGUs worldwide. Clients rely on us to launch new. Indian Institutes of Management in order of establishment Serial no Name Photo Short Name Established Location StateUT Website 1 Indian Institute of Management. Omprakash has a Masters Degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Science and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. He has more than 25 years experience in the. IIM Indores Yearbook for the batch 2. Rohit Phulsunge. IIM Indores Yearbook for the batch 2. Published on Apr 2. Liventus.png' alt='Post Graduate Program In Software Enterprise Management Iim Bangalore' title='Post Graduate Program In Software Enterprise Management Iim Bangalore' />Uttam is one of the technology visionaries of the company. As Chief of Consulting PS he is responsible for services operations and consulting assignments of Locuz. IIM Indores Yearbook 2. Investment Courses in India 1. Best Investment Courses Guide. When I began creating the list of top finance courses available in India, I thought of keeping the big daddy i. MBA in Finance out of the list. After all, we all know what an MBA in finance can do for us. To start with, anybody who attempts to create a list, any list is always on a slippery wicket. First, any list does involve a certain bit of subjectivity and thus it will never be perfect. Despite all this one must attempt to create a list. After all, a list helps us in the simplest way to know why we decide to take a certain action. But, I didnt want to exclude MBA for the sake of it as I know the popularity of the course. The Now Habit Summary Pdf. Keeping this in mind Im going ahead with a list of top best careers courses available in India, which would help you to make good use of your passion. I have broadly divided the courses into the following sections MBAStatutory Courses. Specialized courses. MBAProbably the most obvious choice for anybody who wishes to make a career in financial services is to do an MBA in finance. The advantage that an MBA has over any other format is that it allows you a good all round exposure to various aspects of finance, whether its accounting, cost accounting, financial modeling, statistics and so on. Additionally if you choose your minors well, you can have exposure to fields like marketing, behavioral science, human resources, etc. Thus giving you the best possible chance for growth in the financial services industry. However, be warned, that a lot of your ability to jumpstart may be dependent on a combination of economic factors, the strength of your placement cell, your alumni and also your independent ability to network. If you wish to be on the global stage, then do remember that MBAs from Harvard, Stanford, and INSEAD have to do their bit of hunting as well. Even the hallowed IIMs do not officially guarantee you a placement. Statutory Courses. The Statutory courses are the ones that have been created by acts of parliament and hence create binding obligations under certain circumstances. Under statutory courses, we can include the following. Chartered Accountant. Probably the most well known statutory course, this course was created as a result of the enactment of the Chartered Accountants Act in 1. The course involves a combination of theory and more importantly practical training which run synchronously to provide a student with the necessary wherewithal required of a professional accountant. A good grounding in this profession creates opportunities few courses can match. Chartered Accountancy allows you to have rewarding careers in consultancy, audit practice, investment banking, and information technology to name a few. The profession allows you probably the best chance in finance to create a location independent career. You can find successful chartered accountants in many small towns where a lot many other professions may not flourish. The chartered accountancy course also opens the doors for an international career. An Indian CA after clearing certain local papers can easily practice in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia to name a few. Additionally, with the increasing introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS if you become a chartered accountant then the world is your oyster. Cost Accountant. This course came into being as a result of the Cost and Works Accountants Act, 1. The act regulates the profession of cost and management accountancy. A Cost and Management Accountant CMA is a person who performs services which involve accounting for cost of manufacturing an item, pricing the goods and services produced verification or certification of taxation, especially with respect to indirect taxation. Unlike pure accounting professionals say, chartered accountants, the demand for a cost accountant is a cross organization phenomenon. The marketing department needs you in preparing quotations for tender responses the production department needs you to make better decisions on a profitable product mix, the purchase department wouldnt move without the cost accountants advice for taking the make or buy decisions and in top management you play a critical role in identifying business risks and their mitigation. To use a cricket analogy, you would be the all rounder in the team. The Company Secretary. The course was a result of the Company Secretaries Act 1. The Company Secretary is primarily the mediator between the management and the organizations board of directors. Company secretaries are involved in creating policies for the company, maintaining legal records, taking care of public issues, managing mergers and acquisitions related activities. Additionally they liaise as agents of the company while negotiating with a number of government authorities. A Company Secretary has a definite chance of being employed by management consulting firms, banks, corporates and regulatory bodies besides having an option to practice independently. You as a company secretary are also a sought after professional for positions abroad with multi national companies. There is a burgeoning demand for Company Secretaries in the UK, the USA, and many other countries in the western world. With the appropriate set of knowledge and skills, you as a company secretary can look forward to a rewarding career. Actuary. If you are an actuary, then your job would be to assess the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries assess the financial security systems, keeping a hawks eye on their complexity, the mathematics involved in the same and their mechanisms. Actuaries try to use mathematics to evaluate the probability of events and minimize the impacts of financial losses associated with an event that is not only uncertain but is undesirable. Many events like death cannot be avoided, however as an Actuary your job is to do the needful to minimize their financial impact if as and when they occur. These risks have the possibility of impacting both sides of the balance sheet. Thus, you would be required to have the requisite skills in asset management, liability management, and valuation skills. An actuary is expected to have the analytical skills, business knowledge and understanding of human behavior that is required to design and manage programs that assess and control risk. If you are an actuary, then you would be most likely employed in the Insurance industry but also in corporate houses like Reliance, which issues 1. The profession is governed by the Actuaries Act of 2. Read this detailed post on Actuary Career. Specialized finance courses. Specialized courses are the ones where a certain skill set is developed for an industry. Chartered Financial Analyst. Java Jdk 64 Bit Windows 7 more. The Chartered Financial Analyst degree is one of the toughest to crack but probably one of the most rewarding certifications to have. In fact in the financial services world, the CFA charter holder is one of the few courses that give an MBA Finance a serious run for money. If you are a CFA charter holder, then you are one of the most valued people in any organization. You are looked up to for your insights backed by analytical inputs. This certification is highly useful if you want to make a career in equity research, investment banking or fund management. However, if you choose to pursue this course there is one piece of advice Start early. The Certified Financial Planner. If you wish to make a career out of wealth management then being a CFP is almost a must have.