Genius Slimstar Keyboard Driver

RPi USB Mouse devices e. Linux. org. USB mouse devices that present themselves as a standard HID Human Interface Device device should work, however some hardware requires special drivers or additional software, usually only compatible with Windows operating systems. Working USB Mouse Devices. The following is a list of specific mouse devices known to work and which appear to be fault free. A4. Tech OP 5. 30. Genius designs personal peripheral devices with a target to provide a better experience in everyones lives. Visit Genius to find your devices with high quality, easy. DriverTuner was created to save your time resolving driver problems by providing you with a single, automatic tool. NU Padless Wired Mouse. Apple Apple Mighty Mouse Model No. A1. 15. 2 Works well with the exception of the scroll ball only transmitting vertical scrolling This seems to be an issue of driver that was designed to support scroll wheels. Asda HM5. 05. 8 Smart Price Wired Mouse Traveler 8. ID 0. 45. 8 0. 0e. KYE Systems Corp. Mouse Systems mouse Wireless Multimedia Deskset keyboard, mouse and USB dongle Model HKM8. B Note Shown on Asda Website as HK8. B BASUS MS 5. U comes with Asus Vento KM 6. B MG 0. 91. 9 wirelessCellink OPM 6. Small wireless optical mouse. Cerulian Technology 3 Button Mini Mobile Blue Trace Mice Model N9. JACorsair Sabre Laser RGB note odd 3. BDell M UVDEL1 B MOC5. UO 1. 00 m. A M0. U0. A B DZL MS1. L B 1. A MS 1. P 1. 00 m. A Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle B, Bluetooth USB dongle C UV3. Rated 5. 00 m. A, but it works great, Keyboard Y RAQ DEL2, Mouse M RBB DEL4 8. K8. 9 I. T. E. Wireless MouseReceiver Associated keyboard model RT7. D4. 0 reported by lsusb as ID 0. USB mouse devices that present themselves as a standard HID Human Interface Device device should work, however some hardware requires special drivers or additional. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. No more missed important software updates UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer. Visit Logitech for tablet accessories that increase the capabilities of your iPad or Android tablet and offer increased protection. The following is a list of specific keyboards known to work and which appear to work faultfree. PS2 to USB Adapter ADPPU21, 100 mA tested only with keyboards Any. List of USB IDs Maintained by Stephen J. Gowdy If you have any new entries, send them to the maintainer. Send entries as patches diff u old new. Logitech, Inc. Cordless Keyboard Mouse. A little sluggish but this is an old, well used device from a Dell desktop package circa 2. Keyboard appears to work O. K. Dynex. Fellowes 9. USB Micro Track Ball works without a hub, directly plugged in BFiland OP 1. Mini Optical Mouse. Genius GM 0. 40. A B Slimstar 8. Can be intermitent. Mouse pointer sometimes is irratic. Traveler 5. Laser. HP MN UAE9. The basic stock HP wired mouseBi. Concepts 2. 4 GHz Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Model 6. USB port since keyboard and mouse share one transceiver, 1. Frys ElectronicsJenkins Jenkins Wireless Desktop Set Blue BKensington Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball K6. Kensington Expert Mouse Slimblade K7. Genius Slimstar Keyboard Driver' title='Genius Slimstar Keyboard Driver' />USLabtec Corded Laser Glow Mouse 1. V 1. 00 m. A PN 8. MN M UAZ1. 49, PID GT8. Lenovo Wired Optical Mouse Model MO2. UOLLogik Wired Optical Glow Mouse Model LGGMO1. BLogitech Anywhere MX Wireless Mouse works fine with same unifying receiver as K4. B1. 05 Mouse for Laptops OEM B1. Optical Mouse Cordless Pilot Optical Mouse MN M RR9. Cordless Mouse Receiver MN C BA4 MSE G5 Logitech Gaming Mouse B G5v. Logitech Gaming Mouse B G9x Laser Mouse, MN M U0. G5. 00 Logitech Gaming Mouse B G7. Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse B LX 7. Cordless Desktop Receiver B LX 7. Wireless Mouse works fine with receiver plugged directly into Raspberry Pi accompanying keyboard works fine too. M9. 0 optical mouse M1. Wireless Mouse B M1. Wireless Mini Mouse B OK directly into the Pi M2. How To Change Language In The Witcher Enhanced Edition Guide. MK2. 60 set B M3. Wireless Mouse M3. USBclarifyFull. f with MD5. V1. 0 Howerd Oakford www. Displays when a USB device is connected and. Genius Slimstar Keyboard Driver' title='Genius Slimstar Keyboard Driver' />Cordless Mouse M3. Wireless Mouse M5. USB wireless laser, model no 9. B M5. 10 Wireless Mouse B M5. Wireless Mouse B, tested with Bluetooth adapter Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle, CNet CBD 1. USB ID 0a. 12 0. M7. Marathon Mouse Unifying receiver, no powered hub B M BD5. Wheel Mouse B M BJ5. M BJ6. 9 Optical Wheel Mouse B M BJ7. B M BT9. 6a Optical Mouse MX3. MX4. 00 laser mouse B MX5. Optical wheel mouse B Optical USB Mouse MN 9. Performance Mouse MX B MX Revolution B Debian Wheezy beta 1. June 2. 01. 2 VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks Wheel Mouse MN BJ5. Medion Mini mouse Model M1. CBJ PN 4. 00. 16. SN 7. BFSA0. 00. V 1. A. Works fb on model B with Raspbian Wheezy Medion AGM 9. Sysgration USB optical mouse works, but not with dwcotg. Microsoft Comfort Curve Mouse 3. Business Comfort Mouse 6. Raspberry Pi B. Does not work when connected through USB Hub mouse pointer intermittent. Compact optical mouse 5. V2. 0 B Wheel Optical Mouse wheel and additional buttons not tested B Microsoft Intellimouse Optical Mouse Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8. Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1. Microsoft Wired 1. B B Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3. Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4. Microsoft Wireless Mouse 7. Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4. Wireless Intelli. Mouse Explorer 2. Nager ITFaire Maus Fair mouse, works well, all functions supported. Perixx PERIMICE 2. U Red Part No. R1. J Razer Boomslang Collectors Edition 2. BSaitek Notebook Optical Mouse PM4. Samsung Samsung model AA SM3. PCPB USB Optical Mouse draws 5. A Sigma Sigma model SCM2. USB Optical BT Mouse reach is not far Sun microsystems Model FID 6. Sun. PN 3. 71 0. Swiftpoint1 Swiftpoint Mini Wireless Optical Mouse. Does not require any special drivers. Havent confirmed if charging the mouse requires a powered USB hub or not. Targus AKM0. 2UK Associated keyboard not checked AMU2. EUK BTechnika TKOPTM2 BTKD 2. TKNM1. 10. Tesco Wired optical mouse M2. BThe Pi Hut USB Mouse for Raspberry Pi from The Pi Hut Super Slim Keyboard Mouse Set Trust Model 1. Model 1. 53. 49 small, wireless notebook mouse wireless dongle turns mouse off when parked in its base Model 1. ID 1. 92f 0. 91. Avago Technologies, Pte. Trust Nanou Wireless Micro Mouse http trust. Fachi, tech air, and a generic Car Mouse. All three are wired mice, and reported by lsusb as ID 1. Trust International B. V. USBPS2 Optical Mouse devices. Verbatiam. Mini Nano Optical Mouse 9. USB dongle hub BXenta MOW0. B Wired Optical Mouse Generic Generic 2. GHz Wireless Mouse ID 0. Weltrend Semiconductor BProblem USB Mouse Devices. The following is a list of specific mouse devices that have problems working with the Raspberry Pi. A4. Tech Model G7 6. Wireless Mouse, 2. A. Part of wireless keyboardmouse bundle GL 6. GL 6 G7 6. 30 RN 1. B suffers from USB flakeyness. Even on a powered hub. No problems on other computers I have tested it with. HP HP Retractable Mobile Mouse Optical HP Product Number XP4. AA errors boot loop RASPBMC Bremoved mouse, started with no further errors. Logik Logik IMF Blue Trace Wired USB mouse Model LMWBLU1. USB port every 2. Raspian distro. Always reconnects to the USB port successfully BLogitech Logitech G4. Gaming Mouse 1. CPU load and laggy mouse cursor when the mouse is moved. MX5. 18 works fine on the same setup, so I suspect its a polling rate issue. Hz out of the box, whereas the 5. Hz. Solution found add usbhid. Logitech G5 is working, high CPU Load, solution add usbhid. Microsoft Microsoft Touch Mouse Does not see right clicks, Only left. Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Uses far too much power, if it works then only for a short timeRazer Naga Wired USB mouse the mouse seems to present itself as a keyboard because the numpad on the left hand side of the device works, but the cursor doesnt move. Mamba wired and Imperator slow and unreliable reaction to mouse clicks, loosing focus. Roccat Kone Wired USB mouse Nothing happens when moving the mouse, havent looked further into the issue BTrust Optical USB Mouse MI 2. Nothing happens when moving the mouse BXenta Multimedia Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set Mouse Model HM 3. B frequent lost connection giving stuttering mouse cursor indicating USB current not enough for donglehttp www.