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FEATURES As you can see from the presentation, this software is an extremely useful tool for sizing and design the intake bellmouth, in fact, based on the diameter. ProductImg/L/L202.JPG' alt='Carburetor Jetting Software' title='Carburetor Jetting Software' />The Wonder Windsor Hardcore Horsepowers 7. HP Small Block Ford. Mike Petralia, owner and chief bottle washer at Hardcore Horsepower Dyno in Franklin, TN, is no stranger to hot small block Ford builds. So when it came time to do another one, he wanted to zig where everyone else had zagged. The goal was big power and big cubic inches from a high compression, naturally aspirated combination. Short Block. The foundation was a 4. Dart SHP iron block and a 4. HTB1bzYjLXXXXXbqXXXXq6xXFXXXM/Nibbi-Universal-Racing-Performance-Carburetor-Modified-Kit-PE-28mm-with-Throttle-for-150CC-200CC-Scooter-Minibike.jpg' alt='Carburetor Jetting Software' title='Carburetor Jetting Software' />NTProject software for fine tuning and design of two stroke engine softwarentproject. Ferrara Italy. Mike Petralia, owner and chief bottle washer at Hardcore Horsepower Dyno in Franklin, TN, is no stranger to hot small block Ford builds. So when it came time to do. Welcome to the VMaxForum. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You have to register before you can post click. Scat forged steel crankshaft. The longer stroke also required long rods, so Mike went with 6. Scat H beam rods designed for small block Chevy rods. The reason for the mouse rods is due to the Scat cranks 2. Chevy rods. That allowed Mike to choose from a much larger pool of connecting rods. The blockcrankrod combination yields 4. Ford. Mike dove into the JE Racing catalog and found a set of forged pistons for the build. They had an advertised  6. Chevy rods. The other important factor was the 1. If the Dart block was milled down to a 9. Total Seal Maxseal piston rings sealed the deal. The file fit rings feature a ductile iron gapless top ring, 1 piece Napier style second ring, and reduced tension oil scrapers that would work well with the vacuum pump Mike planned to run. Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain. Mike wanted the 4. Windsor. That meant no cheating by using a set of Ford Cleveland style heads. Trick Flow had exactly what was needed with its CNC ported High Port 2. The High Ports are designed for large cubic inch engines or smaller engines running lots of nitrous or boost. The heads have 2. Trick Flows high resolution CNC Competition Port work for maximum flow and velocity. Mike had the heads flat milled to reduce the 6. With the JE pistons, compression came out to 1. Mike found a nice solid roller cam with specs that looked really good on paper. But when he test fitted the cam in the 4. He turned to Comp Cams for a custom grind. Hardcore Horsepower has worked closely with Comp engineers many times trying new ideas and making big power, but this one turned out to be a tough challenge. Comp had to build a cam with lobes that would meet the power and rpm goals, and it had to fit in the engine as built. Lyrics Plugin For Windows Media Player. The result was a solid roller with over. The cam had. 0. 17 inch less intake and. Top Dead Center overlapthe critical point for piston to valve clearancebut had the same. You can read more about the importance of lobe lift at TDC overlap at the end of the story. The 4. 60 lbs. in. Trick Flow High Port heads were rated to. Mike wanted something a bit stiffer to control the gnarlier Comp Cams bumpstick. He swapped the spring for a set of stiffer 6. Crower springs. Considering the heads large 2. Jesel shaft rockers used, the Crower springs provide better valvetrain stability at higher rpms. Mike also got a set of Comp Cams Hi Tech pushrods. The 38 inch diameter,. Crower springs, but also needed a lot more clearance to run. The pushrod holes in the Trick Flow were milled to get the proper clearance. Oiling System. The Milodon Racing oil pan is designed to fit the common Fox body chassis. Mike found some spots that needed extra clearance, like around the Dart blocks large billet steel main caps. The oil pans extra wide passenger side kickout limited starter clearance, even when using a Powermaster high torque mini starter that can be clocked to clear most headers and oil pans. The pan was massaged to fit. Induction. Mike used a Trick Flow R Series intake manifold and a 9. Trick Flow by Quick Fuel double pumper carburetor. The manifold was port matched to the High Port heads the carburetor was run right out of the box. Other Items. Mike had to machine custom spacers to properly mate the front engine accessoriesa  Powermaster alternator, MSD crank trigger, GZ Motorsports vacuum pump, and a Meziere Enterprises billet electric water pump. Luckily, the water pump had dual side inlets allowing the lower radiator hose to mount on the drivers side of the engine. Otherwise, youd never be able to see the timing pointer. To really set this build apart, the Trick Flow cast valve covers were painted to match the engine blocks classic VHT Ford Light Blue color. Dyno Results. During the dyno session, Mike found some power with carburetor jetting and air bleed modifications and some timing adjustments. Best peak power 7. HVH Super Sucker carb spacer. Mike also tried a 1 78 inch tall Wilson Manifolds open spacer that sacrificed about four horsepower at the top end, but added 1. Either spacer combined with the already tall Trick Flow intake put the carburetor pretty high above the engine. If you run this engine in a car, a giant hood scoop is definitely in order Piston to Valve Clearance Its Not About Maximum Lift. When inexperienced engine builders talk about piston to valve clearance PTVC, they always think its about maximum valve lift. Thats not the case at all as the pistons are never anywhere near the valves at maximum lift. The clearance issue happens when the piston is at or near Top Dead Center, with both valves still open during the overlap cycle of the cam. The amount of valve opening at this point is critical, and can be affected greatly by the cams Lobe Separation Angle LSA. A wider LSA 1. 14 1. TDC overlap. A tight LSA 1. TDC overlap. Advancing or retarding the cam can change piston to valve clearance as well. Universal Carburetor New. We have carburetor kits for this carburetor. UNIVERSAL carburetors. Our fully UNIVERSAL carburetors are especially made to. They have fully. adjustable throttle arms, and externally adjustable high speed main. This allows the throttle arm to be indexed to any point you may. The externally adjustable main jet allows you to. Variations in fuel lines, vacuum lines, choke cables. Variations are usually. Warranty Your DAYTONA UNIVERSAL CARBURETOR is manufactured to the highest. If you believe that you. Daytona Parts Company LLC, along with Proof of purchase and. If a thorough inspection of the. Warranty. covers only the product itself and not the cost of Installation or. Warranty is void under the following conditions. Enclosed fuel filter is not installed dirt or rust enters the. Any usage of gasoline alcohol content. Stripped screws, inlet threads, bent or broken levers or. Warranty Disclaimer. Due to the nature of replacement or performance applications, the parts. Daytona Parts Company LLC shall not, under any circumstances, be liable. Check with your State vehicle. Daytona Parts Company LLC, is not liable for your vehicles. INSTRUCTION BOOKLET.