Al4 Transmission Rebuild Manual

MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES BD2. G SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download. SERVICE MANUAL. MITSUBISHI. DIESEL ENGINE for BD2. GBS3. G CONTENTS CONSTRUCTION AND FUNCTION SPECIAL TOOLS MAINTENANCE STANDARDS DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY. Camaro. Sale Camaro Parts. Sale Air Cleaners Sale Bumpers. Super Sale Bumpers Limited Time Only Sale Chrome Accessories Sale Clutch Linkage Shifters. Main Ship Equipments Equipment Types Main Marine Manufacturers An EnglishChineseJapanese Dictionary of Technology ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW. List Of Book Polaris Atv 3 1995 Workshop Manual,Intermediate Microeconomics And Its Application 10th Edition,Seven Databases In Seven Weeks A Guide To. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. DEFINITION OF TERMS In this manual, the following terms are used in the dimensional and other specifications NOMINAL VALUE Indicates standard dimension part. ASSEMBLY STANDARD. Indicates dimension part, dimension attained at the time of reassembly or the standard performance. TABLE OF CONTENTS Group Contents Group No. External views, Sectional views, Engine serial number location, General Engine model and application codes, Specifications, Tips on disassembly and reassembly Maintenance standards Maintenance standards, Tightening torque, Sealants Special tools Special tool list. GENERAL I. GENERAL. S4. E2 diesel engine External views. S4. E2 diesel engine Sectional views. Engine serial number location. HTB1PrYRRXXXXXXFaXXXq6xXFXXXl/DPO-AL4-Solenoid-Valve-Automatic-Transmission-Parts.jpg' alt='Al4 Transmission Rebuild Manual' title='Al4 Transmission Rebuild Manual' />Engine model and application codes. SPECIFICATIONS. GENERAL 1. GENERAL 1. S4. E2 diesel engine External views 4. Fuel filter Intake manifold lt V Stop solenoid Water pump Governor j Fuel injection pump Flyw heel j Fuel feed pump Starter Fan belt Left hand side view. GENERAL 4. 02. 88. Exhaust manifold Alternator P. T. O. Gear Oil filter Right hand side view. GENERAL 1. 2 S4. E2 diesel engine Sectional views 4. Rocker arm Camshaft Piston Oil pump Compression ring G Oil ring Fuel injection nozzle Connecting rod Transverse view. GENERAL 4. 02. 88. Rocker shaft bracket Camshaft Thermostat Cylinder head Connecting rod Water pump j Crankshaft gear Valve push rod Piston Crankshaft Compression ring Crankcase Intake valve Valve pushrod Oil ring. GENERAL 1. 3 Engine serial number location The engine serial number is stamped on the side face of crankcase. II Engine number. AW60-40LE_scheme-768x536.jpg' alt='Al4 Transmission Rebuild Manual' title='Al4 Transmission Rebuild Manual' />Al4 Transmission Rebuild ManualJ1 O. Engine model and application codes SO 0 E2 Swirl combustion chamber type Series codes Piston displacement per cylinder 7. GENERAL 2. SPECIFICATIONS Model designation S4. E2 Type Water cooled, 4 stroke cycle, diesel No. Type of combustion chamber Swirl chamber Valve mechanism Overhead mm in. Bore x stroke 9. Piston displacement liter cu in. GENERAL Model designation S4. E2 Type Trochoid Speed ratio to crankshaft Oil pump Delivery capacity 1. U. S. ga. 1min at 1. Type Piston valve Relief valve Opening pressure kgfcm 2 psi MPa 3 0. Type Oil filter. GENERAL S4. E2 Model designation Type of nozzle holder Bosch, throttle Type of nozzle tip Bosch ND DNOSD Manufacturer NIPPONDENSO No of spray holes Injection nozzles Diameter of spray hole mm in. D4 0 Sprayangle Valve 0fening pressure 1. MPa Type Cartridge, paper element. GENERAL When lifting or carrying a part too 3. TIPS ON DISASSEMBLY AND heavy or too awkward for one person REASSEMBLY to handle, get another persons help This Service manual deals with and, if necessary, use a jack or chain Mitsubishisrecommended procedures to block. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS 1. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS. TIGHTENING TORQUE. Important bolts and nuts. General bolts and nuts. SEALANTS. 2. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS MAINTENANCE STANDARDS Unit mm in Repair Service Nominal Assembly standard Inspection point limit limit Group Remarks value standard clarance clearance clearance Maximum rpm noload 2. Adjust governor setting. Minimum rpm noload 8. Nominal value 2. Oil and water temp. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS Unit mm in. Repair Service Nominal Assembly standard Group Inspection point limit limit Remarks value standard clarance clearance clearance., Warpage of gasketed 0. Regrind if warpage maximum 0. Refinish sleeves to 9. Inside 9. 9. 2. 00. MAINI ENANCE STANDARDS Unit mm in. Repair Service Nominal Assembly standard Group Inspection point limit limit Remarks value standard clarance clearance clearance Angle 3. Valve sinkage 0. Valve seat Valve Width angle 0. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS Unit mm in. Repair Service Nominal Assembly standard Inspection points limit limit Remarks Group value standard clarance clearance clearance Rounout measured. Runout bend k maximum ported at centerlines 0. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS Unit mm in. Repair Service Assembly standard Nominal Inspection point limit Remarks Group limit value standard c. J clearance J clearance J Protrusion Check bearing 0. Variance in weight 3 g O. I oz per engine 0. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS Unit nun in. Repair Service Nominal Assembly standard Inspection point limit limit Remarks Group value standard clarance clearance J clearance. J. 0. 5. 0 J Replace connecting 0. End play 0. 0. 19. S g to. 2 oz, Variance in weight. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS in Unit mm Service Repair Nominal Assembly standard Group Inspection point limit Remarks Hmit value standard clarance clearance clearance Outer rotor to inner 0. Rotor to cover 0. O. IS 1 0. 0. 0S9 clearance 0. Outer rotor to case 0. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS 2. TIGHTENING TORQUE 2. Important bolts and nuts Width Tightening torque Thread across Secured part or component Remarks dia. Nm 1. Cylinder head bolts 8. Wet 8 1. 2. 5 1. Rocker shaft brackets 1. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS 2. General bolts and nuts Screw thread Tightening torque washei With spring Wiihoul spring ivasher Diameter Pitch kgf. Ibfft Ibfft Nm 1. MAINTENANCE STANDARDS 3. SEALANTS Mating parts Sealant Application point How to use Apply to front and Front and rear bearing Oil pan gasket Three. Bond 1. 10. 4 rear lower sicjes cap seats of crankcase bearing cap seats. No. 4 Plugs for water and oil. SPECIAL TOOLS SPECIAL TOOL LIST. SPECIAL TOOLS SPECIAL TOOL LIST Part No. Shape Tool name 3. Valve guide Valve guide installation installer 6. Valve guide 3. 13. Valve guide removal remover 6. Valve spring 3. 06. Valve spring removalinstalla pusher tion 4. Insert caulking Valve seat For Intake installation tool. SPECIAL TOOLS Part No. Shape Tool name Idler shaft puller 3. Idler shaft removal 6. Idler bushing 3. 00. Idler bushing puller removalinstalla. Socket 3. 44. 910. Camshaft thrust plate removal installation 6. Oil filter wrench 3. Cartridge type oil filter removal 4. Universal 3. 00. 910. SPECIAL TOOLS Tool name Part No. Shape Adaptor 3. 06. Engine compres sion pressure measurement 6. Puller assembly Crankshaft gear, camshaft gear, crankshaft pulley and water pump pulley removal 6. Compression Compression gauge pressure measurement Oil seal sleeve Crankshaft 3. OVERHAUL INSTRUCTIONS I. DETERMINING WHEN TO OVERHAUL THE ENGINE. TESTING THE COMPRESSION PRESSURE. OVERHAUL INSTRUCTIONS DETERMINING WHEN TO OVERHA. UL injection pump plungers, faulty injection THE ENGINE nozzles, or poor care of the battery, starter and alternator. Generally, when to overhaul the engine The trouble to considered as the to be. OVERHAULINSTRUCTIONS 2. TESTING THE COMPRESSION PRESSURE 1 Remove the glow plug from a cylinder on which the compression pressure is to be measured. Attach the adaptor 3. Crank the engine by means of the starter. OVERHAUL INSTRUCTIONS. CAUTION is important to measure the compression pressure at periodical intervals to obtain the da. The compression pressure would slightly higher than Assembly standard in a new or overhauled engine owing. ADJUSTMENTS, BENCH TEST, PERFORMANCE TESTS 1. ADJUSTMENTS. Valve clearance. Fuel system priming. Camaro Parts and Restoration Information. With the Ford Mustang already eating up the new pony car market, Chevrolet announced its rebuttal on September 2. Originally named Panther, the Camaro moniker was chosen instead. Some experts believe the word means companion or friend but others argue that it simply has no meaning at all. Either way, this new pony car would mark the beginning of a whole new era of American muscle car icons. The 1. 96. 7 Camaro was available in many different configurations. From a plain Jane sport coupe to asphalt eating Super Sport, there was something for everyone All 1. Camaros shared the same body unlike the Chevelle and were available in either coupe or convertible. Buyers could choose from the base model Sport Coupe, drag strip ready Super Sport, or road racing Z 2. The Rally Sport option with hidden headlights could be added as a separate packing to any of those models. Interiors could be optioned with either bucket seats or bench seats and were available in a variety of colors and styles. Standard interiors were available in Black, Light Blue, Red, White, or Gold. Buyers who ordered a deluxe interior received unique door panels and striped Comfortweave seats with color choices of Aqua with Dark Aqua stripe, Black with White stripe, Bright Blue with White stripe, Red with Black stripe, Off White with Black stripe, or Gold with White stripe. A fold down rear seat was available but very rare. An optional console was available with our without gauges on bucket seat cars. The buyer could have ordered a number of different exterior colors including Tuxedo Black, Ermine White, Nantucket Blue, Deepwater Blue, Marina Blue, Granada Gold, Mountain Green, Emerald Turquoise, Tahoe Turquoise, Royal Plum, Madeira Maroon, Bolero Red, Sierra Fawn, Capri Cream, or Butternut Yellow. To complement the wide variety of available colors were the available drive train combinations that could be opted for on the 1. Camaro. Base power was had by one of two available six cylinder engines. Buyers who wanted more power could opt for a. V 8. Manual transmissions were either 3 speeds or 4 speeds. The 2 speed Powerglide was the standard transmission and a 3 speed Turbo Hydramatic was optional. About 2. 21,0. 00 1. Camaros were produced, 1. Model Options. Dimensions Length 1. Height 5. 1 inches. Width 7. 2. 5 inches. Wheelbase 1. 08 inches. Models 1. 96. 7 Camaro Standard Sport Coupe. Camaro Rally Sport hidden headlights1. Camaro Super Sport. Camaro Rally Sport Super Sport RSSS1. Camaro Z2. 81. 96. Camaro Rally Sport Z2. RSZ2. 8Body Styles 2 Door Coupe. Door Convertible except Z2. Engine Options 2. V8 base Z2. 8, Z2. V8 base3. 27 cubic inch 2. V8 optional3. 50 cubic inch 2. V8 base Super Sport, SS only3. V8 optional Super Sport, SS only3. V8 optional Super Sport, SS only. Drivetrains Notes S, E, and P under axle ratios stand for Standard, Economy, and Performance, Heavy duty floorshift 3 speed ratios given normal 3 speed same as L 3. Optional performance ratios range from 3. Positraction required with some low ratios. Alternate 4 speed same as for L 3. Bill Paxton Aliens Quotes Game Over'>Bill Paxton Aliens Quotes Game Over. V 8 a RS ratio 3. N. O. means not offered. Engine Codes. Abbreviationsacair conditioningarair injection reactor required CaliforniaatTurbo Hydramatic automatic transmissioncicubic inchcopocentral office production orderexexportpgPowerglide automatic transmissionmtmanual transmissiontbtwo barrei carburetor. Transmission  Rear Axle Codes. Factory Options. RPODescription. Quantity. Retail. Camaro Sport Coupe, 6 cylinder. Camaro Convertible, 6 cylinder. Camaro Sport Coupe, 8 cylinder. Camaro Convertible, 8 cylinder. AL4. Front Seat, Strato back bench6,5. AL5. Rear Center Seat Belt, Deluxe. AS1. Belts, standard type front shoulder. AS2. Headrests, Strato Ease. A0. 1Soft Ray tinted glass, all windows. A0. 2Soft Ray tinted glass, windshield only. A3. 1Power Windows. A3. 9Belts, custom deluxe front and rear. A6. 7Seat, rear folding. A6. 8Rear Center Seat Belt, Standard. A8. 5Belts, custom deluxe front shoulder. B3. 7Floor Mats, color keyed front and rear. B9. 3Guards, door edge. C0. 6Top, power convertible1. C0. 8Vinyl Roof Cover coupe5. C4. 8Heater and Defroster Delete credit2,2. C5. 0Defroster, rear window coupe only7,0. C6. 0Air Conditioning. C9. 4Axle, optional 3. C9. 6Axle, optional 3. C9. 7Axle, optional 2. D3. 3Mirror, left outside remote control. D5. 5Console includes floor mount shifter1. D9. 1Band, front accent. F4. 1Suspension, special purpose frontrear. G8. 0Positraction Rear Axle. G9. 4Rear Axle, 3. Ratio. G9. 6Rear Axle, 3. Ratio. G9. 7Rear Axle, 2. Ratio. H0. 1Axle, optional 3. H0. 5Axle, optional 3. J5. 0Power Brakes, front and rear drum. J5. 2Power Brakes, front disc, rear drum. J5. 6Brakes, hd front disc, met. J6. 5Brakes, front and rear drum, metallic. K0. 2Fan, temperature controlled V8 only2,3. K1. 9Air Injector Reactor required Calif3. K2. 4Ventilation, engine closed positive. Check Aspi Drivers. K3. 0Speed and Cruise Control. K7. 6Generator, 6. Delcotron. 13. 62. K7. 9Generator, 4. Delcotron. 36. 21. L2. 2Engine, 2. 50ci, 1. Turbo Thrift 6 cyl. L3. 0Engine, 3. 27ci, 2. Turbo Fire V8. 25,2. L3. 5Super Sport, with 3. L4. 8Super Sport, with 3. L7. 8Super Sport, with 3. M1. 1Shift Lever, floor mounted. M1. 3Transmission, special 3 speed manual. M2. 0Transmission, 4 speed wide range manual. M2. 1Transmission, 4 speed close ratio man. M3. 5Transmission, Powerglide automatic. M4. 0Transmission, Turbo Hydra Matic auto. N1. 0Exhaust System, dual. N3. 0Steering Wheel, deluxe. N3. 3Tilt Steering Column. N3. 4Steering Wheel, walnut grained plastic. N4. 0Power Steering. N4. 4Special Steering, quick ratio. N6. 1Exhaust System, dualdeep tone mufflers. N9. 6Wheel Covers, mag style. PQ2. Tires, 7. 3. PW6. Tires, D7. 0xl. P0. 1Wheel Covers, bright metal. P0. 2Wheel Covers, simulated wire. P1. 2Wheels, 5,1. P5. 8Tires, 7. 3. P6. 76. 9. 5 1. PR Tires, Whitewall. T6. 0Battery, heavy duty. U0. 3Horn, tri volume coupe1,5. U1. 5Speed Warning Indicator. U1. 7Special Instruments req. V8 console2. U2. 5Light, luggage compartment. U2. 6Light, underhood. U2. 7Light, glovebox. U2. 8Light, ashtray. U2. 9Lights, courtesy coupe2. U3. 5Clock, electric included with RPO U1. U5. 7Stereo Tape System. U6. 3Radio, AM pushbutton. U6. 9Radio, AM FM pushbutton. U7. 3Antenna, manual rear mount. U8. 0Speaker, rear seat. V0. 1Radiator, heavy duty. V3. 1Guards, front bumper. V3. 2Guards, rear bumper. Z2. 1Style Trim Group. Z2. 2Rally Sport Package. Z2. 3Interior, special. Z2. 8Special Performance Package coupe6. Z8. 7Custom Interior. Colors. Paint Code. Exterior. Soft Top. Stripes. Interiors. AATuxedo Black. Bk Mb WWB Bb Bk G Pb R T YCCErmine White. Bk Mb WBk. B Bb Bk G Pb R T YDDNantucket Blue. Bk Mb WWB Bb Bk Pb. EEDeepwater Blue. Bk Mb WWB Bb Bk Pb. FFMarina Blue. Bk Mb WBk WB Bb Bk Pb. GGGrenada Gold. Bk Mb WBk. Bk G Pb YHHMountain Green. Bk Mb WBk. Bk Pb. KKEmerald Turquoise. Bk Mb WBk. Bk Pb TLLTahoe Turquoise. Bk Mb WWBk Pb TMMRoyal Plum. Bk Mb WWBk Pb. NNMadeira Maroon. Bk Mb WWBk G Pb RRRBolero Red. Bk Mb WBk WBk Pb RSSSierra Fawn. Bk Mb WBk. Bk G Pb YTTCapri Cream. Bk Mb WBk. Bk G Pb YYYButternut Yellow. Bk Mb WBk. Bk Pb T YVinyl Top Colors. White code1Black code2Blue code3Convertible Top Colors. White code1Black code2Blue code3Interior Codes. Y Cb. 70. 9G Sb. G Cb. G Cbh. Bb Cbh. 71. B Sb. Bb Cb. 73. 9B Sbh. R Sb. 74. 2R Cb. Bk Sbh.