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Music/v4/2c/0c/20/2c0c20a8-ad34-20db-8f80-3729110985c1/source/1200x630bb.jpg' alt='50 Cent Before I Self Destruct Zip' title='50 Cent Before I Self Destruct Zip' />Apples Self Driving Car Is Now a Dinky Self Driving Bus. It shouldnt come as a huge surprise that Apples once ambitious self driving car project is no longer ambitious. The New York Timesreports that the company has relegated research for autonomous vehicles to a software system that will power a self driving shuttle in between its new spaceship campus and its old offices. So much for reinventing the automobile experience. This is not to say that self driving shuttle is lame. Its a futuristic bus that drives itselfGoogles selfdriving car company Waymo sued Uber in February, claiming that Anthony Levandowski, a former Waymo engineer, stole 14,000 documents detailing Waymo. The slightly redesigned 2019 Porsche Cayenne isnt supposed to make its way before our eyes until Tuesday, but Fridays are more fun anyway. Here, have a look at. The news site says Musk revealed during a conference call hosted by Goldman Sachs for bondholders that the Model 3 will have a pack just over 50 kWh with a range of. Apple even has a patent for a bendy bus with tank treads, which is a creative idea. But then you hear the name, and your reaction is inevitably, Oh. The self driving shuttle is called PAIL Palo Alto to Infinite Loop. While the bus isnt yet running, its hard to imagine Apple employees needing a lift and chirping, Lets go hop in the PAILWhats really disappointing about the Times report, however, are the details of the now abandoned automobile hardware efforts. Weve known since last year that Apple was waffling on its self driving car projectcodenamed Project Titanand shifting its focus away from building a car from the ground up towards building software that could power an autonomous car, a strategy thats also been adopted by Waymo, the new Alphabet company that picked up Googles old self driving project. What we didnt know were many specifics about what Apple thought it could do if it did build a car. Crack Eplan Electric P8 2.4. Under the leadership of veteran Apple executive Bob Mansfield and with the vision of Apple accent in chief Jony Ive, the i. Car sounds like it was going to be awesome. Cent Before I Self Destruct Zip' title='50 Cent Before I Self Destruct Zip' />AOL Radio is powered by humans Great radio is all about unexpected connectionsthe kind that an algorithm cant predict. Pick any station in any of the 30 genres. It shouldnt come as a huge surprise that Apples once ambitious selfdriving car project is no longer ambitious. The New York Times reports that the company has. It wasnt really called the i. Car, but its funny to pretend that it was. Just check out these new details from The Times From the beginning, the employees dedicated to Project Titan looked at a wide range of details. That included motorized doors that opened and closed silently. They also studied ways to redesign a car interior without a steering wheel or gas pedals, and they worked on adding virtual or augmented reality into interior displays. We can only assume that this might have looked something like the Mercedes F0. Minority Report. That self driving car design features cabin wrapped in touchscreens with captains chairs up front that swivel around to create a little mobile living room. Just take out that steering wheel and those pedals, turn the chrome into matte black, and it could almost be an Apple product. But wait theres more. From The Times Apple even looked into reinventing the wheel. A team within Titan investigated the possibility of using spherical wheels round like a globe instead of the traditional, round ones, because spherical wheels could allow the car better lateral movement. Apple thought about making its car roll around on big balls Thats just crazy. Its certainly ambitious But its crazy. Apparently, after some infighting over building a fully autonomous car versus a semi autonomous car, Apple pruned its plans back to a new so called car. OS. This is evidently what will be powering the shuttle, and Apple presumably hopes the software will also find its way into cars designed and built by automotive companies like, well, Mercedes. You cant feel too surprised, but its okay if you feel disappointed. An Apple made mobile augmented reality chamber wouldve been really cool, and maybe well get something close in a decade or two. For now, most of us are still stuck with our gas guzzling death machines. New York Times. Google Engineer Dismissed the Importance of Stolen Self Driving Car Documents. Googles self driving car company Waymo sued Uber in February, claiming that Anthony Levandowski, a former Waymo engineer, stole 1. Waymos lidar systems before accepting a job with Ubers self driving car program. But emails between a hardware engineer at Google and Googles attorneys made public today show that the files downloaded by Levandowski might not have been considered to be the crown jewels of Waymos self driving car efforts. The Google engineer said that the files Levandowski accessed were low value and that his download doesnt ring the alarm bells for me. The emails reflect a common refrain among engineers who develop autonomous technologythat software, not hardware, is where companies can gain an advantage over each other. Registration Key For For Sam Broadcaster 4 2 2. Waymo isnt the only company developing its own custom lidar system, but its also invested heavily in software for simulation and navigation. Waymos lawsuit focuses primarily on details of its circuit boards, which it claims Uber copied with Levandowskis help. But of the nine trade secret claims Waymo is bringing to trial next month, only five are included in the 1. Levandowski allegedly stolethe other four came from elsewhere, so Waymos lawsuit isnt based on the documents alone. Levandowski abruptly quit his job at Waymo in January 2. Otto. When Uber acquired Otto just months after its launch, Google began to worry. And when a Google employee was accidentally cced on a December email to Uber engineers showing a diagram of a lidar circuit board that looked remarkably similar to Waymos own custom design, Googles investigation into Levandowski picked up steam. But even prior to the cc fail, Google was trying to figure out what exactly Levandowski had done during his final months at the company, and how he had convinced several employees to launch a competing startup with him. A lawyer for Google contacted Waymo employees in September 2. Airpcap Software Distribution. Levandowski and two other former employees. The lawyer, Tom Gorman of Keker, Van Nest Peters, zeroed in on the fact that Levandowski had accessed a database of lidar files only once, copying it in its entirety. However, the Google engineer he corresponded with didnt find Levandowskis behavior very suspicous. Its all electronics designsschematics and PCB printed circuit board layoutsand the component library for their creation. It was considered low value enough that we had even considered hosting it off of Google infrastructure, the engineer wrote. He was a high level manager, and not doing any direct technical contribution at this level. Its not particularly surprising that he might check things out once in the misguided dream of maybe making individual contribution or maybe taking a look at the progress of a widget. It clearly wasnt part of his routine. Doesnt ring the alarm bells for me. In another email, the engineer explained that these schematics werent valuable compared to Waymos proprietary software. At least historically, high value has been algorithms and software. The hardware at all levels was a second class citizen. Maybe opinions have changed, he wrote. A redacted version of the emails was initially filed in August. Uber has pushed for several weeks to lift the redactions on the emails, and Waymo finally submitted a more complete version today. For months, Google has based its lawsuit on 1. Uber spokesperson in a statement on Wednesday. Now we learn from internal emails that Google knew from the beginning that these files were actually considered low value. This is why Google has been fighting so hard to conceal the emails that are being made public today, an Uber spokesperson said in a statement. However, Waymo notes that the engineers impressions of Levandowskis behavior were written before the notorious cc fail, and before Waymo realized that Levandowski tried to hide evidence of the download. Uber is trying to make something out of nothing. The emails reflect initial impressions of a limited set of facts at only the very beginning of the investigation. As we later learned, Levandowski downloaded the files on the very same days he met with Uber and he actively tried to erase his digital footprints, suggesting he knew he was taking valuable materials. The egregious theft of Waymos files is just one piece of evidence among many others that Uber is using stolen Waymo trade secrets, a Waymo spokesperson said.