Pokemon Light Platinum Gba Rom

Best Pokemon GBA Hack Games Top Ten List. Manuel. Metal. The fan made games are the next step for Pokemon fans. And youd be impressed on the good quality of some of the rom hacks around the internet. Feel free to help the list on growing by giving your opinion, or add a hack you cant find here The Top Ten. Pokemon Light Platinum. The best and the first ROM hack Ive ever played Some might say this one is the best, well I give it a number 3 Manuel. Metal. It has 2 new region to explore and also we can face Ash it is totally a beast game. A is good. V 1. 18 Comments. Pokemon Cawps. Its cool I guess. Pokemon Glazed. Pokemon glazed is the best game I have ever seen. Pokemon glazed have new region and 5 starter. Pokemon from region 1 to 6. I could almost say this was a legit Pokemon game. I loved the game, found it better than Light Platinum. Its not as monotonous as Light Platinum, the pace is very good, you can actually get amazing Pokemon at the start of the game. The plot is very good and the people and setting is awesome. Textures_wallpapers_168.jpg' alt='Pokemon Light Platinum Gba Rom Hack Download' title='Pokemon Light Platinum Gba Rom Hack Download' />I bought this game a while ago and havent played it since because at the very beginning once I got into the first forest I saved the game, and I tried to get out and those guys were blocking the way for me to get out and there was no way to go any farther, I was saving it just in case I didnt catch Mudkip. I saved again when I was right beside mudkip and I didnt catch him and I turned the game back on and it wouldnt let me click on him or battle him. I dont know if it was just the guy who made my hack but I was very dissatisfied with this game for saving reasons. If anybody else has these problems please share. Just awesome. V 1. Comments. 4Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter. Download Pokemon Black Version PATCHED 5593 ROM for Nintendo DS NDS completly free. All roms have multiple mirrors and work across all devices. Pokemon Light Platinum Gba Rom HackPokemon Light Platinum Gba RomsThe Best Since Ive read the manga Ive felt that was how the anime shouldve been and this hack is just as entertaining. Manuel. Metal. I read the manga. I loved it. Played this game. Loved it more. Great Story, the best hack if you like to have more than just caching pokemon and battling gyms. The best ever pokemon game and the story is mind blowing and very interesting. V 3. 2 Comments. 5Pokemon Korosu. Pokemon Korosu should be at least at 1. How to download. Go, Go, Go Pokemon Korosu Ahhh another great rom hack from Crizzle AKA Chris Rose. Pokemon Ash Gray. Following the footsteps of anime star ash makes it awesome and certain according to my the best of best hacks. Pokemon ash gray download. Well, after I come out from the ruins where you find aerodactyl the game freezes Best game ever. Avoid the bugs and enjoy the game. Took 3 tries to finish the game thanks to bugs. But, great game overall. V 3. 2 Comments. 7Pokemon Omega Ruby GbaWhat there should be download links. Howd to download. Its very greatgive me. V 2. 9 Comments. 8Pokemon XYZHow do download. Its so super duper game, I am a fan of this game. I love this too but the game is broken. Thats so amazing. V 3. 5 Comments. 9Pokemon Eclipse. Where to downloadHow do I download It has a good plot and graphics. Although I wish more people will know this game more waterlover. Great please finish somebody. V 1. 0 Comments. 10. Pokemon Outlaw. What So Low its A cool Game. Just Kidding It aint Its just a cool boyfriend girlfriend game. Really inappropriate. I played its awesomesexy. V 2 Comments. The Contenders. Pokemon Liquid Crystal. Follows the plot of Pokemon crystal but what made me like this hack so much is that it still has the night and day system but in real time by that the time on the computer, phone, and etc. This doesnt even feel like a hack while playing. Its actually that awesome Game play and plot are the best Ive seen in a hack and the unique features are great. Only problem is that its not completed yet I think its great I love the new things added as well brings back memories. Awesome game one of the best. V 8 Comments. 12. Pokemon Dark Violet. Great hack, amazing story great music. Only bad thing is that it isnt finished but if it were it would definitely be number one. Very good because of the pokemon and fight scence. Yeah. Download. V 1 Comment. Pokemon Dark Cry. I love it because you get mew. Go, Pokemon Dark Cry Download link It so cool that you can see every legendry. Very good game. V 1. Comments. 14. Pokemon Dark Rising. Hard game. But still has a good story. A boy whos in search of his kidnapped father starts a journey to save him alongside his Dragon Pokemon Manuel. Metal. This should easily be number 1 Ive played many other hacks and this one is by far the deepest story line with great graphics and its actually a challenge to beat. The second dark rising is just as great and I cant wait for the third. BEST HACK BY FAR Oh my god will this game rip your heart out and stomp on it if you dont level grind your ass off and play very strategically. One of the first Pokemon games that I actually found challenging. Best game ever. V 4. Comments. 15. Pokemon Shiny Gold. Gold was one of the first games I played it just brought me back to my childhood it has a few changes pretty cool. A more proffesional feeling rom hack with great details, and just enough changes to keep the story interesting and feeling new without straying too far from the original storyline. Also has more of a nostalgic feel than the official Heartgold Soulsilver games Doesnt even feel like a hack Pokemon shiny gold how do I download it. This is one of my favorite I also like dragon stone. V 8 Comments. 16. Pokemon Snakewood. Probablly the only Zombie Pokemon hack youll find. Thats it, I said ZOMBIES A brilliant, original idea like that deserves a top 1. Manuel. Metal. This ROM hack is insane in a good way. It starts off with zombies, but then it gets weirder. Disc Grabber. Trust me, you will come out of this experience a changed person. Also, patience and calm is needed. The only hack Ive had interest in to play and finish multiple timesThis hack is fare out great if you know what youre doing Amazing. V 2. 1 Comments. Pokemon Fire Red. This is Pokemon Fire Red Generations for any future people trying to find the game germshep. A funny parody of the Fire. Red version. Mostly its script editing but there are several world changes as well. Manuel. Metal. What a funny albeit inappropriate game What game is this, all I can find is the Fire. Red version, where can you find it germshep. V 7 Comments. 18. Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians. Excellent rom hack with great story. The story changes depending on your in game decisions. This should be the top game. It is so cool I highly recommend you get this. But warning if you play this game and then play part 1, part 1 will be so boring because this game is too cool, awesome, and much more. New music very good, some kingdom heartszelda music in there, new pokemon, new region, INCREDIBLE story, changeable plot you can play for the evil team and basically the perfect rom hack. Loved this game. Everything was absolutely perfect. The legendary Pokmon soundtrack is is brilliant. I the rival soundtrack is beautiful. I would recommend everyone to play this. V 1. 4 Comments. 19. Pokmon Sweet. AmazingIt has pretty much infinite rare candies as well as new types and type advantages Pokemon no longer have their old types and its not like lime is the new grass both pikachu and floatzel are orange types. Its a cute game if you are a curious cat and want a little challenge well this hack is for you it is a great game waterlover. This is a very creative idea and I love it So many of the Pokemon are so cute V 9 Comments.